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Message Subject mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....fig newtons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All I can do is tell you my life's story in 100% honesty.

All things I did on this planet, all the things that happened.

If you tell me I'm lying, you are saying that my life never happened, and that in your mind, I don't even exist.

See the irony here ?

I know for certain I exist.

If you can't believe the stories of my life, then you for sure won't believe me when I tell you about the things I'm able to do, which I only discovered recently, all for a purpose.

Every day that passes, and every moon that comes, brings more things into the light for me.

I am either going to bring you into the light with me, or you are going to be in the dark for a very long time.

Just like I was.

This is all real, and I'm here at this website for exactly the right reason.

Everything in the universe is exactly where it needs to be, you just refuse to believe it.

I will make believers out of you.

I didn't even really think god was real until a few months ago.

I hated god before that, until I realized that I didn't hate something I had no clue about, I hated myself as a person, and I projected that into the world around me to create my own hell.

You wanted a " bad mother-fucker " ?

pennywise here I am

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