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Message Subject What is crazy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is crazy doing a dead-end job that you hate? NO

Is crazy believing in a God that you have not personally experienced (faith)? NO

Is crazy taking your life into you own hands? NO

Is crazy believing that others can do a better job of running your life than you can? NO
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1515671

You get one life and you would waste it in a job that you hate?

You are free to experience God for yourself but you would let others tell you what He wants for you?

You would take control over your own life, but, at the same time, give that control to others? Hmmm, that is a big contradiction, and perhaps you need to look at your life a bit more before you tell others what is, and what is not, crazy!
 Quoting: Scuba7

It is not crazy doing a dead-end job. Many people hate their job or see no future in their job, but they still have to put food on the table. It would be crazy to stay at the dead-end job without looking for another job, but a job is a job... not many people find one that they love & can still pay the bills.

Why would it be crazy to believe there is a God. Many people believe there is a God. How did you wind up here if there was no God?

Putting your life in your own hands is not crazy. It is normal. Who's hands would you put them in?

I'm sure someone could possible run my life better than I can. That is why people pay mentors's, trainer's etc... to make them the best.
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