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Message Subject Is Barack Obama-Gay?You Bet!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why do you think that Hollywood and his other anti-American, narcissistic, Obama-tard ,psychopath's love this criminal 'gay- bird!'....'birds of a feather!'lmao

[link to hillbuzz.org]

You can take that to the bank!


We ignore 'talk the talk' Obama-tards that can't document shit!
And if you can't stand the heat (TRUTH) get out of the kitchen!goaway

Catch my drift?!?militia
 Quoting: TruthBWU

Hey I get your drift, your a gay bashing homophobe. Don't care if he's gay. You like to put people you don't even know in a box, now you've got your own box, I put you in. How do you like it!
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