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Illuminati's Cruelty Has No Limits

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14907279
04/23/2012 01:31 PM
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Illuminati's Cruelty Has No Limits
According to American interpration, in the last days the world will be divided into ten parts. The Antichrist, who makes this division will also appoint the representatives ton everyone of these ten states, and these statesmen - which are described in the Bible as "Ten kings" - will then rule under Antichrist's direct subordination. So called "Conspiracy theories" are nothing else but a theory about secret groups (Mason, Illuminati) who work very hard to make the mankind to the point where citizens could accept the Antichrist's leadership and give up their independence to the United Nation's world government. Illuminati-organization is propably the most secret and powerful of those numerous secret groups. This organization has really existed, there are well-known documents about it. In 1785 one illuminati's courier died, because of lightning stroke, in the woods when he was travelling to Paris. He had secret documents which helped to expose the organization and it's aim to create the "New World Order". Most illuminati's leadermen were exiled or they just disappeared. The organization was closed down, but rumors tell that it still works under Mason's shield. If the Illuminati wants to make true these old aims, they should make people abandon old Christian values and replace those another ideology. We can ask ourselves whether the world is going further off from those Christian values, and if the answer is "yes", whether there is a secret group (or groups) behind this phenomenon. I believe that it is possible. I believe that so called "New Age" -ideology has been created just for this purpose. According to the ideology, some people are more evolved than another, and if there comes a man which is supposed to be in a special high level, the New Age -philosophy does not only accept but it even demands that we should begin to worship such person. Many people are repeating Illuminati's lies saying that there is no God but a "Cosmic Consciousness" - which is love - and every living organism is basically same; this is the reason - they say - why it is wrong to eat meat, for example. However, the Illuminati has designed these lies only for stupid idealists. In fact, the Illuminati believes in evolution and evolution says that a stronger organism has right to destroy or enslave a weaker; there is no space for word "love" in evolution. Illuminati believes that he is this so called "stronger organism" and that's why we (normal people) can expect no mercy from those. What about if there are one on more nations in the world which refuses to give up her independence to the Antichrist or UN's world government. I can only try to imagine the terrible punishments that the world government would hand down for the rebel nation. Zechariah 6:8 (NKJV) says: And He called to me, and spoke to me, saying, "See, those who go toward the north country have given rest to My Spirit in the north country." According to one interpretation, Finland, Sweden or Norway could be a such country where God's spirit will rest in the last days. Because there is a firm bedrock in Finland it is unlikely that the world government would create earthquakes or volcanic eruptions for us. Instead of that, night frosts in June and August have traditionally been a threat for harvest in Finland, Sweden and Norway. That's why we can expect that the world government would use weather weapons creating night frosts in summer and trying to destroy the harvest. Then, the Illuminati would tell his other citizens that "Mother Earth" hates so much born-again Christians that she wants to remove them on the Earth by creating those natural disasters. Why Finland could be a such nation which refuses to accept the Antichrist's leadership? In Finland the Church and State are united like they are in many other European countries, but Finland has an extraordinary position because there is - to some extent - revival in the Finnish State-Lutheran Church. Also, the Church has pretty good relationship with Pentecostals and another small churches, whereas, in many other European countries Pentecostals are described as "suicide cults" and they are persecuted. Also, in Finland Pentecostal- and born-again Lutheran preachers use to visit in schools telling children about Jesus and how important it is to be born-again; I don't think that it would be possible in the U.S.