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documentary western civilisation and population decline

voice conciance way
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United Kingdom
04/23/2012 02:35 PM
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documentary western civilisation and population decline
[link to www.youtube.com]

What is there to understand truly, you see the act of unforgiving has been recognized in God, and this main act was during the second world war, normally you could surrender if you were beat, the Japanese sued for surrender for two years, And as American pride and the unforgiving act of nuke war took place it has left us lacking in God.

The love of God and each other walk hand in hand and we not only hated each other but all that God placed before man, turning this into nuke hate , we have gone from revenge violence to revenge violence ever since.

Of which America has had to pull out of every conflict since due to the unreasoning act of nuclear bombs when a people asked for surrender and that they may be allowed to keep their emperor, the rest would be left to go through him, we’ve all been duped into technological advancement due to war, when this is not any advance of our true nature of love.

And closed us off from true wellbeing in each other.
We need to show willing and turn all this around, from one unforgiving act this whole world took to nuke power. And look at the parallels, the ruskies build the biggest bomb and have the biggest Power station disaster, wind scale , England’s own mistake, Japans near all out mistake, we surely must see then that this is truth in unforgiving and all made in the wake of the bomb will be poison for the rest of time.

Revelations, a third of sea and land or is it two thirds,poison, we have done this with a view from time out of time. When we were asked to act in the moment.

Revelations is a book of fire in which there are three short paragraphs of real truth,which in capitals roughly state 'be in strength of wisdom in the ways of Christ'.

We need now to settle to the borders, stop policing each other. Make a list of actual issues of this our earth and get to doing the gardening once more.

It has been a revenge in pride that has taken every country into nuke fear posturing. To forgive we must recognise this as route cause, yesterday , today. Think hard all of us on the act of forgiveness, and remember all before you as His gift. Sacred life

Radiation cause and cure of cancer, a cancer we have become and now cannot reach for the fullness of God’s love till we take the hand upon ourselves to show some giving in truth of trust that we be seen in God to be making amends.

Else there will be no pride to have pride in. The only solution would be to admit the first mistake to get us and the world back on the same page, and that’s done by full recognition of the route cause and that my friends is why the job description of Ghia’s Onward Dimensions is shutting you/us down.

Also you may never see it as i , yet history is well recorded on all sides of the fence and through history all have tried for dominion , and all have failed for sacred life is all and not simply mans selfish need so always every time these country’s are pulled back to ground. Rome Genghis even India and Pakistan, Napoleon, Hitler, and now the west We must see this or we wil find no peace.

This may sound like i am racist and a hater of Americans or other country’s but i tell you it is a simple truth of the heart in a fully empathic universe and sola system and planet , the head of days His light the Holy Spirit and the Love we seek in strength will be found , but i need your help , write to those that matter , and let’s do this a Ghandi style democratic move , letting them know the rug can be pulled at any time, and that it is all of us that lose .

Let me know what you think please, send me some truth in message or otherwise and truly lets get organised, we can move in this time in peace, and know for peace God is with us in strength of Wisdom in the ways of Christ that love reign once more.

All my love to those who can see and recognize the truth in this message and in this time try to get the truth in love back on track , no more the needless haters of dark seeds of fear, but truth in light.
the voice the conciance and the way , a bit holmsish , i see everything , that is my curse