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Message Subject Best all around guard dog and family friend?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Howdy OP:
"Guard dogs are really meant to be early warning systems not really as attack dogs. Dogs that have the propensity to attack also have the propensity to die at the hand of the attacker and that doesn't really serve your need for protection.

This will sound funny but for small areas a yap dog(or a couple) with a small dog complex is perfect! Can't shoot em, can't catch em and can't shut em up another words a NIGHTMARE! That being said I have 5 Mastiffs that follow me full time they are aggressive and won't let anyone near me until they've been introduced.

For outdoors if you have property is I kid you not either geese or Guinea fowl neither will let anybody get close without a ruckus.

It's a feign giving you enough time to get prepared not take somebody out.

If it's a pure pet just pick one that fits your life style.
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