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Message Subject Sheriff Joe Releasing More on Obama, Attacks Begin
Poster Handle chulahoma
Post Content
the notoriously corrupt and thoroughly british office of sherrif has always pandered to

local right wing elite since it's inception.

sherrif of nottingham etc.

wonder why america kept this office of the crown after declaring independence
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14937424

nope. BIG difference...

American Sheriffs are the ONLY Law Enforcement official
that is ELECTED... i.e. cannot be fired (by ANYONE)
other than by a voted RECALL...
not the Mayor,
not the Governor,
not a 'Council'.

Your basic 'Sheriff' of old...
was appointed...
by the Kings/Lords etc...
a stooge for the PTB.

American Sheriffs are the people's LAST line of defense
within the rule of law...
after that...
it's REALLY everyman for himself.

Sheriffs (who know their shit and don't take
Homeland Security bribes) rock.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14952980

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