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This is true.

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Russian Federation
04/24/2012 01:13 PM
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This is true.
- The world is ruled by sects and clans, we are persuaded of the need for their existence. All sects are different directions in all areas, to attract all the free people.
You can not change anything, you are forced to take sides.
A striking example: Dissemination of the Koran in Germany and many more.

- All revolutions are arranged at a certain time, when the population is bombarded solar flares. Revolution does not stop, because they will always need
Example: All existing Revolution

- The whole society is very artfully misinformed, revives the myth and fantasy to make a reality. Do blind and lead away from reality.
Example: Breivik and the Knights Templar, and more

- Formed a system aimed at the degradation of the individual, in a few years it was possible to build a new system on the basis of this slavery. Because there is not many people will be able to exist.