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Fukushima isn't the Only Danger -- Chidren Run-Over

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04/26/2012 12:03 PM
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Fukushima isn't the Only Danger -- Chidren Run-Over
After March 11th, a crane operator suffered an epileptic fit and killed a group of small children.

In the last month many children have been run-over and killed by drivers in Japan. 5 Junior High children were run over in Osaka. 7 people were run-over by an epileptic in Kyoto. A 1 year old girl was run-over by a 65 year old man after wandering in the street in Saitama. Many comments said the man should go free.

The same government that said they would no longer label food to protect Tohoku business even though that food may be radiated also refuses to install guard-rails separating pedestrians from speeders on busy narrow roads. Nor are there any speed bumps or cameras in Japan. Traffic enforcement is about once a month in busy cities but it is rare to ever see any traffic cops in the suburbs.

It is shameful. They keep saying that these are accidents. How many accidents are needed before they recognize that guard-rails are needed for walkers on every street in Japan regardless of how narrow the street is. There are also too many reckless speeders. A taxi mirror grazed my jacket.

A 7 year old child and a pregnant woman were run-over this time with many other children in critical condition.

Every day I am in danger when walking on the streets. Nobody slows down and they seem to be competing for road space with walkers.

If you live in Japan, I urge you to take action and complain to your local government and to your city's government to install guard-rails on every street.

We need guard-rails to give us a fighting chance against young people without licenses that fall asleep at the wheel, elderly people over 70 that look like they are going to die in the driver's seat, and from people who can't be bothered to stop at traffic lights or signs or who dangerously speed around corners like they are racing. That's just about every driver in Japan.

[link to newsinfo.inquirer.net]
John Thomas of the Titor Project
Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/27/2012 07:11 AM
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Re: Fukushima isn't the Only Danger -- Chidren Run-Over
Japanese culture has very little respect for individual life.