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Message Subject May 20th - REAL doom? Connecting the dots. Chicago? COMPILATION ON PAGE 25
Poster Handle Krime
Post Content
the eclipse doesnt start in California till 5:20pm and ends 7:20pm (about on each) according to griffith observatory.
tbh i think Obamas the Anti-christ and this Chicago thing may be a satanic ritual or something.
or, that richstag thing.
someone said there was no black people? look for an assaination attempt.
with Pleiades (7 sisters)
Orion (being between Tauris and Gemini, May 20 being the cuspice, and Orions between the 2)
Amos 5:8 in the bible kinda makes a prediction here.

but all the star stuff happening freakd me out too:
annular eclipse (also called the "serpent" eclipse) happens about every 18 years, May 20th
lunar eclipse every 18 years (follows annular) June 4th
Pleiades in alignment with the eclipse 26,000 years also May 20th
transit of Venus about every 100 years (i think) June 4th n 5th
not to mention planet alignments and other crazy star happennings that happen all this one year.
crazy not to think somethens going to happen!
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