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Message Subject Parents , the Ultimate Criminals ?? ... and Their Direct Consequence : Religion , the Ultimate Proof of Stupidity ! No Wonder !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just go kill yourself and STFU.....

If you hated your life so much, you'd end it.

 Quoting: Sandi_T

You Must have a great chip on your Parental shouloder or And definetly not seeing the Meaning of Life .

Narrow , tunnel , Short View minds as yours are the cause of Religion and the established 99 % .

The Proof beyound a Shodow of a doubt to your Profile is your Comjplete inability to prove ANY of my point wrong !

THEREFORE , you , involuntary ( LOL ) , APPROVE of my points !!

Come back if you dare !
 Quoting: Doru

You really are stupid.

I know exactly what the meaning of life is. LIVING IT.

 Quoting: Sandi_T

LOL , HOW can the meaning of life be Living it if you will Forget it GUARANTEED when you Die ! I can call you many names in view of your blatant misunderstanding of life ... Come again with Real arguments , infantile mind .
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