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Message Subject Parents , the Ultimate Criminals ?? ... and Their Direct Consequence : Religion , the Ultimate Proof of Stupidity ! No Wonder !
Poster Handle Sandi_T
Post Content
PS, you'd have a hell of a lot better luck with your manifesto if you didn't couch it in such ignorant, stupid terms.

Lots of your points are great ones, but unfortunately, your little manifesto attempts to demonize anyone who isn't a billionaire, demonizes anyone who hasn't corrected all the social ills of the world single-handedly before having children, etc. etc.

Your decent points are utterly lost in your rabid self-centric, entitled wailing and your desire to demonize everyone who has ever had kids.

So really, do just kill yourself. I mean, the world is so risky, and you're not a billionaire, so clearly your life isn't worth living and your parents are criminals for no other reason than not giving you everything you think that you are ENTITLED TO.

This whole entitlement mentality is a disease amongst the young. A rabid cancer that turns you all into self-aggrandizing moralists without an ounce of sense.
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