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Message Subject Parents , the Ultimate Criminals ?? ... and Their Direct Consequence : Religion , the Ultimate Proof of Stupidity ! No Wonder !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
PS, you'd have a hell of a lot better luck with your manifesto if you didn't couch it in such ignorant, stupid terms.

 Quoting: Sandi_T

Funny !

First of all I want to Thank you for conversing !

Yor attitude shows SPANK , an atribute needed to Search for the truth .

Hence I Apprecite your Time .

Now , here is how to Defeat me : you need to point to my faults one at a time so we can split the hairs and make sense of ti . Please Procede ...
 Quoting: Doru

I already have. You have some good points, but unfortunately, you are utterly and completely unrealistic.

You think that any person should have cured all social ills before becoming a parent, because for whatever insane reason, people are automatically entitled to a perfect life.

Life isn't perfect. It's never going to be perfect. And there's absolutely no proof at all that you forget everything when you die. None at all. That's your BELIEF that you are trying to pass off as fact.....

 Quoting: Sandi_T

Now you coming on-line ...

First of all there is Proof of death : none came back alive . Untill that happends you are having a Losing argument ...

Now , settle down and read slowly my Political Platform The Recipe for a Nation , see link below in my Sig .
There are All of your answers starting with Perpetual Life .

Until youl slowly read The Recipe to the end in all fairness I will call an Amnisty to our argument .
Please , come back with your constructive criticism after Completely read The Recipe , thank you .
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