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Message Subject Parents , the Ultimate Criminals ?? ... and Their Direct Consequence : Religion , the Ultimate Proof of Stupidity ! No Wonder !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Now you coming on-line ...

First of all there is Proof of death : none came back alive . Untill that happends you are having a Losing argument ...

Again, though, pretending for a moment that you are correct and all of the evidence to the contrary is wrong... the FACT remains that this is then your only chance to experience anything good... or bad. Anything at all.

Therefor, it is utter selfishness NOT to bring people into this world. Because otherwise, they will never exist and never experience anything at all!

 Quoting: Doru

Obviously you didn't read The Recipe for a Nation ( link below in my Sig ) .

Matter of fact , judging by what your saying , after reading The Recipe you should ask GLP to Pin it permanently .

Do a slow read , and at the end you'll understand why I started this thread about the parents and religion ' package '.

Be prepared to be shocked by the Society that emerges in The Recipe , THAT'S WHERE I bring MY children ....
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