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Subject The Illuminati are right: God IS a satanic dick.
Poster Handle MaxVon
Post Content
We all know, deep down in our hearts, that the Satanists are right. Life is a sick cruel, battle and there is no morality. If nature has any 'morality' it's that the more cunning, ruthless, and vicious you are, the more God will love you and bless you with sex, money, power, everything that makes life worth living. The rich people with all the money are satanic dicks, that is the only real thing men respect in eachother, how big their dick is, how much testosterone their balls produce.

Just admit it, the Illuminati are right, God IS a demon and he hates the weak, he loves it when the strong torture the weak, hurt them, kill them. It makes the strong become even stronger, god blesses them sexually.

All women are drawn to jerks, the bigger a jerk they are, the wetter it makes their pussies. Surely this is God's ugly plan.
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