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Message Subject Financial system RESET and end to debt slavery starts within weeks?
Poster Handle TheTruthWorker
Post Content
I have a hard time seeing the Elite letting their debt slaves free from all debt, at least not without putting on some other shackles first. I have no idea how they could do so, but they're a creative bunch when it comes to these kinds of things. I'm sure they'll figure something out...

Anyway, I've already accepted coming out of it as a loser should this debt forgiveness scenario play out (I have no debt whatsoever, and live in a rented apartment).

It's futile trying to second guess what the Elite are going to do, in an attempt to profit from it. I just try and follow my instincts of what's right and wrong!

So far, that has always been the economically stupid thing to do, so I'm quite used to being the chump.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

The elite are be removed from power, and not willingly, and will no longer control you. They have convinced you you are a helpless chump. Get ready to change your thinking. All good folks will benefit whether in debt or not. Bad folks will suffer and pay.
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