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Message Subject Financial system RESET and end to debt slavery starts within weeks?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
So is this Freedom Club USA a scam or not? I just started checking it out and it sure sounds too good to be true of course. However, they have lots of great info on the site.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14388747

NOT a scam. How can people be scammed when there will be no money involved? When the Bronze program launches, there will be no fees.

It will, however, be the vehicle through which the planet will transcend from the need of money because it will empower all of us. Think about it. When everyone has all the money they need, human expression changes. The old paradigm of poverty which creates crime and disease will die. It will be replaced by creativity, caring, sharing. We can live to our full potential physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

To the person earlier who asked who will dig the ditches and take care of the trash - believe it or not, there are people who actually enjoy doing just that. But in a world where lack no longer exists, people are free to create. Powerful minds will figure out a way to deal with just that. Free energy and other inventions that have been suppressed will become available to all of us.

We are so strangled by just trying to survive that we don't realize all that we can be. Lift the chains of slavery and watch what happens! The sky is the limit.

To those who have doubts this is going to happen - It has to. A pendulum can't swing in the same direction forever. It's 2012. The time has come. And I believe many of us know that on a deep gut level.
 Quoting: Kat Mama 7914116

Kat, you don't address one key issue.

What becomes of the welfare state? What becomes of those too lazy to work, too obese to work, or those who just want out? Who carries this burden? Who will feed, clothe and house them? We are talking millions upon millions around the world.

People will just stop working if they don't have need for money. Would you rather go work in a factory or a construction site, OR go hang out at the beach all day if everything is free? The majority will choose the latter.

That is why this cannot work.

The millions who choose not to work will create resentment, and you will have a downward spiral where increasingly more people will just cease to work (why should they shoulder the burden of those who won't work?), thus the food supply and economy will grind to a halt.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15294800

Perhaps you don't realise that working is a means to enslave you. Kat is talking about a spiritual way of life where you develop a conscience and conscious of all your actions and how it affects others.

Those people you talk of current that are obese etc are all unconscious beings who don't know who or what they are neither do they know their purpose on this planet. The system made these people this way just as it has made some slaves to oil the machines but all these will change when people become spiritually minded people.

You underestimate how much the system has manipulated people into become who they currently are.
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