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Message Subject Financial system RESET and end to debt slavery starts within weeks?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can't believe you people believe this, debt is a huge asset to the banking cartels. It will never be wiped clean.

not ever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15260801

Mark our words and prepare for the unbelievable. This is not something that is just beginning it's been in the works for a few decades now. The new system is ready to go now. The cartels will be taken down first with mass arrests. Look for this to happen any time now.

A series of announcements will begin across our TVs and radios alerting us to what is happening to keep the public from going into fear because 99% don't know this is about to occur. When the cartels out of the way then we'll see global debt forgiveness, redistribution of wealth globally and more that I won't go in to now. Just know that when the arrests occur, it is the beginning of a beautiful new future for humanity. Do not go into fear. There will be no thing to fear. Some services may be disrupted for a short time so have a week's worth of food/water on hand just in case. But over all, this is the show we have all been waiting for. Take your seats & direct your eyes to the stage as it's about to begin.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1182390

Who has been planning this?
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

That's a wonderful question that will be answered when the time arrives for their identities to be safely revealed. I'm not being cryptic here but there are many people who have been working behind the scenes for decades to make this happen and they have been helped & guided by those in higher dimensions. All truth will be revealed when the timing is correct. What we're being told is that it could occur at any moment and to be prepared to help by sharing our knowledge & quell fear when this all comes down. When it begins, many events will happen very quickly.
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