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Message Subject Financial system RESET and end to debt slavery starts within weeks?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fiat currency can not last. it is inevitable that it will die as it is a mathematic impossibilty for it to continue tohave value as the government needs to constantly borrow money to pay old debt. One never borrows money to pay debts. One produces income to pay debt but the Fed gov doesnt produce anything. Our current system was based on true value in the 30's when it was backed by gold. It has to be convertible for it to be worth anything. One must be able to take his labor for digging ditches or building houses and exchange that labor for gold silver chicken milk bread eggs etc. But when more and more money is printed (debt created when you sign a credit card slip or a car note or a loan for your business) the one thing that happens is your labor becomes worth less and less as the currency becomes worth less and less. gas is 3.75 because the currency is worth less and less. Soon it will be worth zero and it will be a controlled takedown of the Federal reserve note replace by new notes backed by real commodities including gold and silver. Gas will once again come down to 75 cents to 1 dollar per gallon. There will be chaos so have a couple months of food water available for a few rough months. Banks will close and you wont be able to buy food as shelves will be emptied in hours and interupted deliveries for a while. Many in the banking and government world who have been stealing us blind through fraudulent loans and taxes will be arrested and this will go far and wide. Ron Paul will be the next president and the Rothschilds and the queen, bushes, cheneys, and the vatican's stranglehold on the plamet will come to an end.
 Quoting: yipeekyae 3494980

I'm glad to see that the Royals are included in this, but you forgot one big Monster....MONSANTO. I truly hope they will be one of the first to be taken out.
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