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Black Witchcraft

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11/24/2005 03:49 PM
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Black Witchcraft
Black Witchcraft
The Foundations of the Luciferian Path
By Michael W. Ford

The nature of ´Skir-hand´ Witchcraft in the ancient and modern world is of anti-nature, or rather the word “Antinomian” is a greek form meaning “against the law”. This word makes reference to rebellion from a structure or spiritual design of the masses, the majority and whatever the current ideological mainstream may be at that time. Witchcraft, no matter for what intent or form, has always stood outside any conventional acceptance within society – either by the religious hierarchy (even though it keeps their organizations called Church together and making money) or even governmental ones. To provide a distinct understanding of Luciferian Witchcraft from which I am an initiate of, I must write directly of experience and the vision which all initiates, past, present or secret, have brought to the current and how it manifests today. No longer should those of Luciferian nature be forced to denounce the darkness inherent within us all; witchcraft as with the human or daemonic spirit is both dual natured, light and shadow, bestial and angelic, ad infinitum.

The word ‘Black’ within the context of writing here is in reference to the hidden nature of the Sinister Craft, it is both the depths of initiation which runs deep in our souls, and the future possibility by the atavistic urges which may be harnessed into powerful tools of refining and strengthening our consciousness. The Order of Phosphorus is an initiatory guild of practitioners of sorcery from a Left Hand Path point of view. The word ‘Black’ is described by Idries Shah as being identified with the sound of FHM in the Arabic tongue, which is ‘black’ meaning ‘wise’ and equally with ‘understanding’. Shah writes further that black holds a connection with hidden wisdom, thus the phrase, “Dar tariki, tariqat” which means “In the Darkness, the Path”. The Order of Phosphorus is symbolic of fire illuminated from clay, of light emerging from darkness. The magicians and witches of this ´Skir-hand´ Guild are equally focused on not only low sorcery, but utilizing the hidden nature of darkness to reveal Light within themselves. Here we find the foundation and essence of Baphomet, the Father of Wisdom. The Sabbatic God is both the union of the Beast and the Whore, Ahriman (Satan, Samael) and Az (Lilith, Babalon) which beget Cain (by the circle of Leviathan, the Serpent of the Depths). An initiatory image of Cain as Baphomet (by Soror Lilitu Azhdeha) may be found in “The Book of Cain” and represents the Black Lord of the Sabbat as a form of the Adversary.
A representation of this path may be found in my publications, “Luciferian Witchcraft: A Book of the Serpent” which contains the grimoires “Book of Cain”, “Goetic Sorcery”, “Yatuk Dinoih”, “Nox Umbra”, “The Paitisha”, “Azothoz”, “Vox Sabbatum” and much more. The infamous “Book of the Witch Moon” also has presented a foundation for the darker aspects of sorcery and vampirism, which Aleister Crowley alludes to in “De Arte Magica”. The reader who holds interest in the provenance of the Witches Sabbat in consideration of the Luciferic gnosis referred to in this article may have recourse material to seek in the aforementioned titles as well as works by Kenneth Grant who continued the Initiatic work of Crowley and Spare from the 1950’s onward.

Symbolism and Commitment

“The model of Left Hand Path Sexual Magick is a challenge which moves beyond the constraints of sociological limitation; it is taboo without psychological degradation, self-motivational empowerment through becoming as a God or Goddess, to discover your weaknesses and strengths.” ADAMU – Forbidden Sexual Magick

The definitions of the Left Hand Path has long been a clouded and often misunderstood definition. Essentially, the Left Hand Path is by universal perception as being the mutation or transformation of consciousness into a divinity or divine conscious, this is done by the process of the practice of Magick and Sorcery to achieve the motion of the body and mind towards a higher perception. The Black Adepts of The Order of Phosphorus and the Black Order of the Dragon are magicians who are committed to process of self-determined magical exercises to refine and expand their consciousness; through physical and mental activity. This includes but is not limited to, Sexual Magick, Ceremonial practice and Solitary workings of all kinds to seek the initiatory results of Magick itself.

“This is not a path of prayer and supplication, but recognition of the sorcerer´s own inherent powers. The forces of Darkness are called upon as a means of self-expression, self-empowerment, and self-deification.” – Nathaniel Harris, (author of WITCHA- A Book of Cunning, Mandrake of Oxford, and current Magister of The Red Circle, England) from the Introduction to “Luciferian Witchcraft” by Michael W. Ford

Black Witchcraft as defined within the afromentioned grimoires is about self-deification but also the further expansion of consciousness, transforming the mundane into the divine, thus the antinomian and Satanic symbolism. But herein is cipher and clue to the essence of the Luciferian path, it is both commitment and the possession of the lower and higher aspects of Daemonic identification which empowers the Godforms found in the forbidden and black grimoires of such as ADAMU, VOX SABBATUM, LIBER HVHI and LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT. There is no mere psychodrama and within the circle of the wise does the magician seek a higher spirit outside of his or her being; they seek it within and the choreography and instruments of ritual are merely self-empowered tools to aide in the process of Becoming. ´Skir-hand´ Witchcraft within has been inspired from the family lines of Nathaniel Harris and family, ´Skir´ meaning "left hand" or "sinister".

“The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers body, both of spirit/celestial and flesh/infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician.” ADAMU – Forbidden Sexual Magick by Michael W. Ford

The ritual tools within the Black Tradition are as various as the witches themselves. Some create fetish servitors, embodied and often created demonic familiars bound to objects, created from animal remains, blood or sexual fluids to form a visualized shade which holds significance to the sorcerer himself. Some create dolls and others use little or no exterior tools or implements. What holds tradition among such Adepts is the commitment of the Luciferic Spirit within. This is the mind of the practitioner which has been liberated through antinomian practices and thought, by this determined focus that the Will of the Black Adept has transformed he or she into a Daemonic Being. Within ancient Persian practice, the Ahriman (Satan) created daemon Akoman (meaning Evil Mind) is the Luciferian Mind which seeks liberation and independence from the mass or herd mentality, to become something ‘other’ by the forbidden or ‘evil’ path of Magick or Witchcraft.

Certain tools within the Craft Sinister are often considered ‘haunted’ objects, empowered by ongoing ritual practice by the witch or sorcerer which gives the fetish a seeming life independent from their own, however always usually in accordance to their Will. Ritual instruments such as the Tibetan Kangling, a Trumpet made from the thigh bone of a hanged man, a ritual knife known as an Athame, according to Idries Shah as ‘adhdhame’ being ‘bloodletter’, used in Sabbat ritual practice to focus the Will or Cast the Mind into the determined direction of ritual Magick; the blade representing the Luciferic Mind of the magician. The Skull Cup, made from the top part of the human skull, makes a drinking bowl used in ceremonial or solitary practice. None of these ritual tools are required for practice, which depends solely on the means and predilection of the sorcerer.

Godforms hold specific power within the cults of witchcraft as what is empowered from the practitioner themselves. The Gods and Goddesses would not exist in any tangible form if humanity did not empower them; either subconsciously or consciously, thus by the Adept becoming does the Godform become. Deific energy is a source not only based within the blood of the practitioner, of the atavistic or primal recesses of the human mind. This Deific energy or power may be recalled into the flesh and conscious mind of the practitioner, thus one finds the knowledge undertaken by earlier sects such as The Golden Dawn, the Maskhara of the Arabic and Asian tribes, Austin Osman Spare’s Zos Kia Cultus, etc. There are numerous rituals explored by Luciferian Sabbat practitioners within The Order of Phosphorus and the Black Order of the Dragon which utilize old methods of lycanthropy and the ‘shedding of flesh’, of shape shifting by dream in Therion form to go forth to the erotic convulsions of the Infernal Sabbat.

The God of Luciferian Witchcraft is Seth-an, or Set (the same as Samael, Satan). This is the Egyptian Prince of Darkness, a Lord of Chaos and sorcerous power. Set should not be considered merely a God in an anthropomorphic sense, rather a deific force which is the very essence of our being. When Azazel or Lucifer brought to Cain the Black Flame of Consciousness, this was as too Set’s gift to mankind. By working in the circles of Luciferian Craft, you are merely fulfilling your ancient heritage. While some choose paths less dangerous than this; the reality of witchcraft as a Luciferian Gnosis cannot be denied. The Great Work in reference to Set is for the magician to seek divinity, that is awareness, individuality and personal power. By believing in yourself rather than something ‘higher’ than you (The only Higher Angelick or Demonic being is YOU, the Luciferic Angel or Holy Guardian Angel) you become as your models.

Within the Black Tradition the Luciferian Trinity which is composed of Samael – Lilith – Cain hold significance in the model of practice within the cult. This Trinity is an alchemical process of becoming in which the magician aligns and utilizes the deific associations of Samael – Lilith – Cain to transform their consciousness into the divine essence which is Baphomet, the Head of Knowledge. To described Samael, a small section as follows is from LIBER HVHI, a ritual work which defines the deeper and darker practice of the Left Hand Path in terms of Witchcraft.

“For the Devil is called Diabolus, that is, flowing downwards: that he which swelled with pride, determined to reign in high places, fell flowing downwards to the lowest parts, like the torrent of a violent stream.” –The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

“It is written in the Bible that Samael/Satan fell from heaven as lightening, being a flash downwards, who before the fall, was a guarding Seraph around the throne of God. After his fall he was a master of death, the very poison of God yet he was also a Giver of Life, being the father between fallen angel and woman. In later Jewish writings, Samael is associated with the name Malkira, which Morris Jastrow Jr. associated with Malik-Ra, being “The Evil Angel” and the name Matanbuchus, being a form of Angro-Mainyush or Ahriman. Here does the circle become closed and the nature of the First Angel become perceived or sensed. In ongoing ritual work, the magician begins identifying his or herself with Samael (and Lilith) within the parameters of their own life and initiation.

The Lord of the Earth, being a name ascribed to Samael (Satan) and his fallen angels and demons, are but considered astral spirits, that which no longer take physical form, but may become manifest through the magician or witch who may make a “pact” with them, being initiation and dedication to the Left Hand Path. Samael is the patron spirit of the Left Hand Path, as his Word is what formed our thoughts and gave us the inner fire of the Black Flame, our individual process of thought and free will. The magicians who aligned their will with the Left Way, that of Samael (the Devil), were given powers over the earth in one way or another; all the while strengthening, defining and expanding their conscious. In Exodus 7 the magicians were able to make frogs and serpents by the power they obtained in the Devil, thus such creatures are astral forms of Ahriman (Samael) and the dreaming body of witches and sorcerers.” -Liber HVHI

Here we can see that Samael or Satan/Shaitan, is not the all devouring aspect, but also the savior of humanity and the original planter of the seed of light in our being. Through Cain did his lineage survive and continue on spiritually to this present time.

Lilith, being the Bride of the Devil, is one part of the Adversary as being the dark instinctual side of man and woman, feminine, yet horrific and loving all within the same breath. Lilith is known by the Semitic “Layil” which a word is meaning Night, but also the name of the demon of the storm. Lilith is associated with the screech owl and other beasts of the wild, as it is where she went after she left heaven to wander the earth. She is considered one of the Three Assyrian demons being Ardat Lilit, Lilit and Lilu, but rather these may be just variations of her name. It is suggested by some Hebrew scholars that Lilith was worshipped by exiled Jews from Babylon as a goddess of the wilderness.

Lilith as described in post-biblical literature is viewed as the Queen of Demons, she went to the caves near the Red Sea and copulated with fallen angels to beget other demons, she also taught (according to Manichaean lore – Az) the fallen angels how to form bodies and have sexual relations to give life to other ‘dragon children’. She was said to have been the reunited with her mate Samael (Ahriman) after the fall, when he would not be roused by his fellow fallen ones and demons, only the words of Az (Lilith) could rouse him. He then kissed her form and caused menstruation, which was passed on to all women as Lilith is directly connected with their fiery and dark sides.

The Goddess of Luciferian Witchcraft is Lilith or Babalon, as described previously. She is also Hecate, the Darkened Moon Goddess of the Cunning Circle, whose blessing is both youth, imagination and death. The Son is within you and that is Cain, the Baphometic Daemon whose magick is the core essence of the religion of sorcery. The very circle casting rite as written by Gerald Gardner presents the Mother of Witchcraft, “Mother, Darksome and Divine, Mine the Scourge and Mine the Kiss, The Five-point Star of Love and Bliss”. Within the circle there is the very Graal of the Adversary, that through Self-Love can the essence of the Pentagram be sensed and understood. He refers to Hecate or Lilith (via Diana) as being “Hell´s dark mistress, Heaven´s Queen.” This is the dual nature of the Devil and his Bride, the Adversary. That by both Sabbat rites does the cup of Heaven (Aethyr, Luciferian Sabbat) and Hell (Infernal, Chthonic Sabbat) are filled.

Cain was the Son born of by some accounts Samael (the Devil) and Lilith (through Eve), the first Satanist and Witch.

“It is said within the dark traditions that the Bible is mistaken with regards to Cain’s true parentage. Cain was in fact a half human, half demon bastard child of Adam and Lilith. It was for this reason that the Lord would not accept his offerings and prayers, rather than any specific demands of animal sacrifice. The tale continues with Cain being cursed to wander the earth as a vagabond, with the ground he tills never giving bounty.” – Nathaniel J. Harris, The Mark of Cain, the First Satanist and First Murder.

In certain rabbinical literature, the Daughters of Cain were those who joined in sexual union with the Fallen Angels, the Watchers, and gave birth to the Nephilim, the Giants who were war like and brutal. They were said to have populated the earth in plenty, and attacked the children of Seth. In Manichaean lore, the Queen of Demons and spiritual initiator of Cain, Lilith – Az, taught the fallen angels to form physical bodies and join with others sexually. It is suggested also by writers Kaufmann Kohler, W.H. Bennett and Louis Ginzberg that the Children of Cain spent their days at the foot of a mountain (Eden?) practicing in wild orgies with the music of Lucifer through that created by Jubal. Women, the first Pairikas or Faeries/Witches, in their beautiful appearances, invited the sons of Seth (children of god) and copulated with them, bearing other children. This Jewish Folklore presents the earliest forms of the Witches Sabbat as a Luciferian celebration and practice of sexual magick.

“To Philo, likewise, Cain is the type of avarice, of "folly and impiety" ("De Cherubim," xx.), and of self-love ("De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini"; "Quod Deterius Potiori Insidiari Soleat," 10). "He built a city" (Gen. iv. 17) means that "he built a doctrinal system of law-lessness, insolence, and immoderate indulgence in pleasure" ("De Posteritate," 15); and the Epicurean philosophers are of the school of Cain, "claiming to have Cain as teacher and guide, who recommended the worship of the sensual powers in preference to the powers above, and who practiced his doctrine by destroying Abel, the expounder of the opposite doctrine" (ib. 11).” – The Jewish Encyclopedia, compiled by Kaufmann Kohler, W. H. Bennett, Louis Ginzberg

Herein we can see that Cain is thus a flesh and blood embodiment of the Luciferian Path itself, he is the Son of Satan and Lilith, the dark essence which is deeply connected with Eve, the wife of Adam. Cain is not only the patron father of Witches, also the symbol of the initiate upon the antinomian path.

Nathaniel Harris, an hereditary British Witch, whose long involvement in various magical circles and authorship of grimoires not only within the Black Tradition, but also that of the traditional Witcha path, is bold enough to present ideas of our spiritual lineage found in the dreaming minds of the Cunning Brothers and Sisters.

The symbolic Mark of initiation, which Aleister Crowley termed the Mark of the Beast of the Apocalypse in “The Book of Thoth”, has brought different interpretations of its form, but the function itself is clear.

“This mark, or stigma, may have been a reference to some form of tattooing. The story may have originally referred to the nomadic tribe of the Kenites, itinerant metal-smiths who believed themselves to be the descendants of a Cain, related also to the Midianites and Israelites who traveled the desert rift of Arabah from around the 13th to 9th centuries BC. They would avenge the murder of any tribe member severely. This mark was later equated in the times of witchcraft persecution with the marks given to initiates of the cult. Historically, Cain is recognized as an initiator throughout various heretical societies, including the ancient Toadsman fraternity, The Skull and Bonesmen, and the Horse Whisperers.” - Nathaniel J. Harris, Witcha, A Book of Cunning (Mandrake of Oxford)

This mark is represented as being a symbolic Marking of Antinomian Commitment, of being awakened to the Path of the Devil and his Bride, to becoming through the Daemonic Spirit inherent within our blood. This dynamic process has been represented in the “Luciferian Witchcraft” grimoires in various manners, in Yatuk Dinoih, I have presented a system coherent with Cainite Workings based on the isolated spirit as embodied in the Flesh of the initiate, being as represented as Paitisha, the “Rite of Zohak” and other workings within the grimoire. The spirit of Baphomet or the Sabbatic Goat, the God of Witches is revealed thus as Cain himself, the Bestial God who has shed the flesh to the Daemon head of the Therion formed Witch-God or Goddess.

Once one has began the process of separation, ignorance falls away as clay burnt with blackened flames, the spirit lifts up to dance in twisted widdershins forms, the body and shadow and light copulate to the Musick of Jubal Cain and the Sabbat Circle is complete.

Foundations of Skir-hand Witchcraft

The suggestions of the foundation of sorcery and cunning craft is from the earliest legends, memories and mythology of mankind. Cain who wandered east to the Land of Nod became essentially, according to the “truth of the circle” the first Satanist and Witch, whose children beget children and the blood line of the cunning were born. It is suggested in some Jewish lore that the daughters of Cain were the ones to seduce or copulate with the fallen angels, the Watchers.

It is beginning with the Watchers that the balanced aspects of Angelic and Satanic Magick are found – it is the very atavistic depths in which this bloodline still rests deep within our psyche, along with the serpents and Therion-Atavisms within our flesh. “The Book of Enoch”, translated from the Ethiopian by R.H. Charles, in the 69th Chapter, presents the names and therein sorcerous essence of the Luciferian Angels, who are the very foundation of the Arte of Magick. The mentioned Watchers who descended again to earth were: Samjaza, Artaqifa, Armen, Kokabel, Turael, Rumjal, Danjal, Neqael, Baraqel, Armaros, Batarjal, Busasejal, Hananel, Turel, Simapesiel, Tumael, Turel, Rumael, and Azazel. These are among the names of the Chiefs of the Watchers who came into flesh upon the earth. Jeqon led the others to earth to begin to lust for the daughters of Cain. Asbeel was said to have given evil council to the Sons of God, being the Watchers, that they should go forth and copulate with the daughters of Cain. Gadreel taught unto man, woman and child the blows of death and creation of armor and weapons. Penemue taught unto the wise the art of ink and writing, as well as the bitter and the sweet, good and evil. This is the spirit who gave unto the Cunning the Book of Arte, which brought forth both Demon and Angel, those hidden Therionick Forms of Darkness-made-flesh, the art of lycanthropy. Kasdeja taught men the art of working with demons and spirits, as well as abortions and the Secret art of the Noon tide Serpent, Tabaet. The Angelick spirit Kasbeel was the bringer of the Oath, when he was with the heavens, his name was known as Biqa.

I seek to mark an emphasis on the eclectic conceptual ideas of Skir-hand Witchcraft within the Circle, that all may arise from their imaginations the arcana of the Luciferic Spirit, be it of darkness or light. As the realization of initiatory experience is known by the individual, there is no longer a sense of emptiness regarding the ownership and commitment within the heart of the witch; it is known and believed according to the predilection of the Adept. The ritual workings found in the “Luciferian Witchcraft” grimoire and other collections by myself present actual workings to manifest both infernal and Luciferian spirits and atavistic shades, that the sorcerer may encircle them within his or her own arcana of practice. One may make reference as to foundation by the Goetic Sorcery grimoire, which presents a left hand path alignment with the 72 Daemons of the Shemhamforasche, but rather the rituals which prepare the magician for the summoning and encircling of such spirits. An Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, Azal’ucel, as well as the Invocation of the Adversary prepare the mental outlook of the magician, that rather than adopting a Christian dogma, the Daemonic spirit is illumined within through determined and willed practice. This may also make considerations for the commitment needed for this path and circle of Luciferian Witchcraft, that even within workings of light, the witch is becoming in the Blackened Flame of Azazel (in a sigillic and mantra-spoken form, Azal’ucel). This is obviously a serious point of introspection needed by the individual before pursuing, a level of skill which is almost sensed rather than learned. Here can be understood as the Calling of Witch Blood of Our Father the Devil, by Cain and Tubal Cain, Witch Initiator of the Blackened Forge and his Mother Lilith-Az, does the Initiatic Stream of the Watchers survive. Those of the Yatu – or Sorcerous Path of Ahriman within the Circle of ritual evocation, known as Azothoz, does the Therion – Atavistic shadows emerge from the darkness of flesh. Azothoz in the lore of the circle represents the Alpha and Omega, being the Beginnning and End which is also the primal current of the serpent, or Az – Azhi Dahaka, the Dragon King of Persian sorcerous lore.

The Great Work as within the model of the Witches Sabbat proves a challenging and darksome journey wherein the initiate drinks deep from the Skull Cup filled with the venom’d blood of Seth-an, who then eats of the Flesh of Abel and whose blood is offered to his own Angel-Demon, the very essence and representation of the Great Work itself. The Sabbat as being a dual participation of both dreaming and ceremonial/solitary ritual is represented as the fleshing of desire and belief, wherein the arcana of Cain is revealed to the intiate, where there is no further difference between the Great Whore Lilith-Az and Samael as the Adversary, all are one through the expanding and deification of the magician. In summary the witch becomes a vessel and expression of Ahriman and his Bride, thus the Circle of Lucifer is complete and the casting has brought forth Cain, thus the initiate is the first of Witch Blood and the Skir-hand Gnosis of Shadow and Light.

The very foundations of the Luciferian Witchcraft gnosis is found in the circle, they very place of summoning which has the scribed names of Infernal Deific forces, from Azazel to Ahriman in Ancient Persian Cruciform, to medieval Luciferic sigils which announce the embodiment of Satanic Power; our very heritage and spiritual lineage. This article is aimed at enlightening those who would condemn it first hand without the consideration for it’s deeper meaning; but it must be known that those who walk this path are considered cursed and condemned by society, once you walk the path of initiation, the Devil’s Blood is within your veins, your very shadow is the darksome dance of Daemon and Angel, Cain and Lilith..

The ritual of the Sabbat within The Order of Phosphorus is one which echoes the ancient terms and ideals which describe the rite. Some seek to leave the flesh at night and fly forth in spirit to the circle, yet others find ceremonial practice more to their liking; while others practice in solitary and their imagination opens forth the gates to the infernal and celestial gathering. In “Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches Sabbat” by Carlo Ginzburg, he describes one rite which the attributes mentioned hold resonance with not only present practice, but ancient practice as well. “the devil appeared to them in the shape of a black animal – sometimes a bear, sometimes a ram. After having renounced God, faith, baptism and the Church” and goes on to described horrific rites of cursing. Another section mentions witches wearing the skin of wolves to transform themselves. This is a process of atavistic resurgence and is still practiced today, while in the affirmation of the Devil is a deeper association to self-deification and the recognition of the conscious mind; the lycanthropy practiced is the atavistic summoning of the Therion – shades within the body and mind.

In summary Skir-hand Witchcraft can be seen as a rational and strengthening practice; that dedication requires more than curiosity and the results and benefits are known to those who are willing to instinctually dedicate themselves. The current of Luciferian Sorcery is a powerful and multicultural gnosis; it speaks to those who may hear it and uplifts those who dare practice it.

Further Reading:

Luciferian Witchcraft: A Grimoire of the Serpent by Michael W. Ford
Book of the Witch Moon by Michael W. Ford
Liber HVHI: A Grimoire of the Qlippoth and Infernal Sorcery by Michael W. Ford

Liber Satangelica by Nathaniel J. Harris (Privately circulated)
WITCHA: A Book of Cunning by Nathaniel J. Harris (Mandrake of Oxford 2004)
Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches’ Sabbath by Carlo Ginzburg
The Sufis by Idries Shah
Secret Societies by Idries Shah
The Book of Shadows by Gerald Gardner

Michael W. Ford is the Magister of The Order of Phosphorus, a closed order of solitary initiates and The Black Order of the Dragon, the inner guild based around Yatukivah – Persian and Chaos sorcery. He is the author of “Luciferian Witchcraft : Volume 1 – 4” which contains 12 different grimoires including the Left Hand Path Tantric Grimoire, Adamu, a forbidden book of Sexual Magick, Goetic Sorcery, a Luciferian approach to the 72 Spirits of the Shemhamforasche, Yatuk Dinoih and other works focused on the darksome rites of the path of Shadow Sorcery and so-called Skir-hand Witchcraft, introduced by Nathaniel J. Harris, a Hereditary Witch from the UK. Known as Akhtya Seker Arimanius, Ford also is the author of Liber HVHI, an explaination of the Luciferian trinity and the rituals of the Qlippoth, The Book of the Witch Moon which features an introduction by Chaos Magician Peter J. Carroll and numerous articles and essays.
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11/24/2005 03:50 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
The Beholders of Night
An exploration of the Shadow Luciferian Path
By Michael W. Ford © October 2002
0) The Luciferian Essence

That the roots of Traditional Witchcraft as they have emerged passes beyond western culture as a cornerstone of middle-eastern origins, while reemerging in Europe to America as time moved forward. What should be understood as a universal approach to Witchcraft, shall the answer lie between the shadow and light, the essence between. The path of the Wise is existent between what is seen and not seen, the very connection a clue to what the potential of the individual can be.

Luciferian Witchcraft is the very result of sorcery which emerged in ancient cultures and times. The Luciferic linage is traced back to the Fallen Angels of ancient lore, whom tasted from the shadow garden and the pleasures of both the spirit and flesh. That the Watchers and fallen ones, led by Azazel[1] – Lucifer, called later Iblis, understood the immortality of the psyche is between the path of the not-seen, the shadow and darkness which cultivates the Black Flame itself.

The Witchcraft tradition was explored in essence by the practitioners of Yatuk Dinoih[2], or Persian Witchcraft of which emerged from the sorcerous shadow-god Ahriman, the darkness which would create flesh. Ahriman is a pitch-black representative of the hidden and the secret, from which the profane should not see. Ahriman and its female counterpart, AZ[3], are the early fountainheads of the Gnosis of the Sabbat or Al-Zabbat, the freedom from the trappings of flesh and the awakening of the Nightside Consciousness. This is the Primal Gnosis of Sorcery itself, which is the dark well of the elixir of the Adept, the one who drinks of the dual ecstasies of the Sun and the Moon[4].

The Arcanum of the Luciferian Path is a resounding voice of the King and Queen of Witchblood, being Samael and Lilith[5]. The key to the gnosis of the fallen angels is within their very essence, being of the Sun and the Moon. The sorcerer may seek the sexual union of both within his or her self, allowing the pleasure of the waking and waning Moon to be brought forth through the Sun, which is the gateway for demons and angels in copulation. If one seeks not the sexual genii, the antinomianian path is brought forth by a solitary and capable mind, which is beheld by the Sethian Psyche, or Kingdom of Shadows.

The Luciferian Essence is found within the eyes of Cain, the father of Witchblood, buried deep within the dark well of the watchers, from which our mind is of the deep. Leviathan the serpent guards this gateway of the arcana of sleep, from which the twilight brings the Nightside of the Immortal, those who pass the veil of the Birth Caul of Lilith through the Essence of the Adversary. The Birth Caul itself is a vampyric reference to folklore of Europe. Called specifically the amniotic membrane, which is a birth caul which almost guarantees in European Folk Lore that one will return from the dead, is the mark of the vampyric aspect of Lilith, the death-mask of awakening towards the Nightside.

The Caul itself as described by Adrien Cremene gave the following account, published in Vampires, Burial and Death by Paul Barber- “Such an infant is born to a woman who has drunk of impure water mixed with the saliva of a demon, or to a woman who, having gone out in the night, her head bare, met a demon which gave her a red cap (coiffe) like his own, which cap causes the child to be born with a caul”.

In an initiatory context which implies the connection of folklore with inspired magical practice, the Caul introduced in Ritual practice (by a blood coloured cloth, stained with menstrual blood or otherwise) is the Mark of Lilith and Cain, born unto the night within the mysteries of Vampyrism.

The heart of the arcana is in the brain itself, it is our connection and desire to unite the Hand and the Eye in the Grimoire of the Fallen, which was long ago scribed in the blood of our spiritual ancestors, those who walk the Ahrimanic Path long ago, when the deserts whispered the timeless name of Azazel, called our father and Lilith, the very womb of our birth and initiation.

I) The Left Hand Path

That the Luciferian Tradition is awakening from European Traditional Craft is nothing new, the emergence of the work in America leads to a Left Hand Path approach to the path of the wise. Considering much of the Witchcraft tradition is a conglomeration of various magical traditions, the term Witchcraft is as universal as its language.

In the past, Witchcraft and Wicca was originally intended to be a shadow unto light way of living, from which the essence of the self is propagated in ones own Will, Desire and Belief. As time moved forward, a watered down version of the craft from which was passed down from Hermetic Occultism and other Pagan practices, brought much of the public essence of Witchcraft to be a watered-down, sometimes spiritually impotent off shoot of Christianity, which seemed to plague much of all Western culture.

In our primal selves, the forgotten areas deep within the mind, from which Christianity could not pervert, Leviathan guarded the gateway, and soon Lilith and Samael again emerged from the Light of Azazel, called Lucifer, the Bringer of Light. That the challenge of the initiate to the Adept is the very self, that the Dark Wells of the Watchers were guarded by our own demons and angels, and that we must unite the worlds to create the ecstasy of the self.

The Left Hand Path itself is the path of disunion from the natural order or Objective Universe. Witches, are considered wise unto their very name, which indicates and objective view of their own surroundings and life. Life is a great gift, even more so is the gift of freedom. Freedom is the chance to progress and develop ones own life in accordance to desire. A responsible and free individual stands at the gateway of possibility, from which limits are only placed by ones mind. To align ones own self with the natural order is to dissolve the essence, from which the consciousness would be devoured by the mind numbing devourer called Christianity, or the Right Hand Path. This is the very silk masked murdered of the self, which would caress us into the arms of the scorpion, which would destroy all of which we are to sacrifice the mind to the Void of Non-being.

The Left Hand Path is the strengthening of the mind, and the possibility of one becoming as a separate being, not in order with the natural universe, that he or she is uniquely different. This is the path of Lucifer and Lilith, those who stand within the dark wells and have illuminated the Black Flame of self-acknowledgement and the joys of the waking and dreaming worlds.

The Left Hand Path tests the individual, uniting the Demonic with the Angelic, and the balance between the two. It also frees one of the need for a spiritual father or mother, and to confirm responsibility and self-reliance by the individual themselves. That this is sometimes a lonely path is not a misstatement, but rather an angle of beauty of which we may seek comprehension of therein.

What is often misunderstood is the intent of the Left Hand Path. Many view the LHP as one in line with Christian Satanism or Diabolism, which is an inaccurate view of the path itself. The LHP is the freedom from such restrictive thoughts as Good or Evil, or the moral right of the day. The individual must seek to transcend both, and that the image of Evil or Darkness, is the Opposition essence of our selves, our secret essence or Holy Guardian Angel/Evil Genius of being.

The Black Flame[6] itself is the concept of the Gift of Seth, of Lucifer. The Black Flame is the awakened consciousness or Psyche of the individual, whom has torn down the Right Hand Path concept of Trust and Dissolution in a Tyrant Father who demands faith. The Black Flame is the immortal essence of the self, the True Will as which emerged from the fountains of the wells of darkness. The Black Flame is the Light which Brings the Watchers close to us, that we may drink of their cups of ecstasies, the skulls and the secrets they contain therein.

The Black Flame itself is illuminated through the work of the Left Hand Path, through the development of ones own self-divinity, through our Famulus and Servitors, the Guardians and Angels of our Temple, the Arcana of Self as revealed in essence. Each individual is a model of Lucifer, whom is the imagination, or self. That we must shadow forth the Adversary to rebel against the natural order, to awaken the Black Flame of Self-Knowledge. We are thus Iblis, the Children of the Fire Djinn whom shall taste from the skulls of the sleeping.

II) The Adversary

“Oh moon nourished haunters of dreams, who have tasted the souls’ blood of life,
From the graves of Corpse-sleep from which ye emerge, from the pools of blood beneath the fountains of red sea, that emerge from the dreaming sleep of Azrail,
Move now through the manes of the dead, they seek the commune of those in the warm flesh of the living.
My shadow, as I build, calls forth the famulus whose spirit is the Djinn of the Noon tide sun, the fire of spirit later withdrawn in midnight honor.
Moon hungering shade of the tomb, I summon thee!
From beneath the city of Chorazin have your rested, yet though I go forth to the city of shadows, I embrace the darkness within and beyond!” – From NOX UMBRA by Michael Ford

The Essence of Perpetual Revolution, or rebellion from the natural order, is the very concept of the Opposer. To oppose one must seek to free the self from the limits set within society’s context and rules. This is not an advocating of crime, but rather to work within still societies rules, mastering it all along. The True Will is the essence of the Adversary, which seeks to break free from the accepted order, an often unfertile result of the Dayside World of the Humanistic fellowship, which in time, leads to a stasis of being. It is in the solitude of the Shadow can then the essence be revealed, to present the endless possibility of becoming.

The Adversary is called and known by many names and titles. Among them are such as Shaitan, Iblis, Satan, Lucifer and Set. Such God Forms are masks of the Prince of Darkness who within ourselves offers freedom and divinity for those willing to strive for it. The Adversary itself is the gateway from which we discover our own Will, or direction of endless possibility of desire. This is the very conscious gift of the Artist Austin Osman Spare, whom of Witch Blood, gave us the gift of self liberation in the form of the grimoire “The Book of Pleasure”. That we may translate the system of the Hand and the Eye, within our personal universe form this Luciferian Doctrine to our own desire of becoming, shall be the greatest distinction from the order of the Right Hand Path.

The Adversary exists within the 8 pointed Sabbat Star of Chaos, called often ALGOL. The very essence of Chaos is disruption and the opening of possibility, that we may destroy that which hinders ourselves and thus creating a new form of Order. Order exists until the self grows into stasis, thus Chaos then grows into a positive self-liberation process. The Opposer/Adversary thus holds the Black Flame of Being within Chaos, that we are both the Red and Black Dragon, the Sun and the Moon respectively.

Evolution itself is possible when the mind reaches back to the Primal Well of Darkness, which holds the secrets of our origins and Luciferic Divinity, from then Liberation is an available process of the Divine Gift.

III) Saturn, The Watchers and Luciferian Spirits

The Saturnian Mysteries[7] is only one avenue of magical exploration which may be explored within a Sabbatic context, not to, by any means, destroy an ongoing tradition but rather develop it.

Through such excellent magical focuses, from the Fraturnitias Saturni to the work of Stephen Edred Flowers, which at face point is unrelated, the Sabbatic Gnosis itself is closely related by means of effective initiatory material. The Luciferian Path itself is reflective of this gnosis, known by the essence of exploration and self-discovery through the Saturnian Sphere.

The work of Saturn itself is one connected with the Left Hand Path. As the Saturn Sphere is connected with Demiurge Saturnus, or Satanas, the self is the avenue of which this planetary influence is found. Saturn, as being held in two Octaves or “rays”, is itself a means of psychic isolation from which the psyche is refined to a deified level.

The Watchers, or Fallen Angels of Ancient Lore are the guardians of the path of the wise. Such Angels dwell within the shadow gardens of twilight, of dreams and the nightside of being. We must listen closely, for their wisdom is that of the gifts of Lucifer and Lilith, that through the Adversary can such beautiful musick be heard!

The Watchers, as brought forth by Shemyaza/Azazel, is the divine gift brought down from the sky unto man, whom was a primal sleeper which carried the bestial desires of the planet. The Fallen Angels thus brought divinity with the Abyssic daemon of self, that we were divine in our Dual Essence.

It is through the self-alchemical work of Saturn, that one emerges awakened in unity. Saturn is the Guardian of Death, or Daath or the Guardian of the Threshold[8]. In Saturn there is a Lower and Higher Octave, which is a passage way of self-exploration and self-perception. In the lower octave is Satan or Satanus/Saturnus, the Guardian of the depths and the Daemonum of the Earth.

Saturnus is the breaker of cosmic order, the essence of ALGOL or the Adversary, as well as death and regeneration. The Demiurge Saturnus is related to the number 666, being that of Sorath, or the Sun. Satanas is this aspect is one form of the Adversary, being rebellion, death and Chaos from Stasis. The very fire force of the Sun is in the Eye of Satanas/Saturnus, Misrule and self-liberation through Antinomianian awakening of Saturn.

The Higher octave of Saturn is Lucifer, being Light, Wisdom and illumination. Lucifer/Iblis is the Imagination thus Azazel, the fallen Djinn of fire. Lucifer represents also rebirth, inner strength, reason and solitude.

In the unity of Saturn are both the Star of Algol[9] hidden (without the Averse Pentagram) and the mark of Demiurge Saturnus. It is through Satan/Iblis (fire) that one emerges in Light, thus Lucifer is the Black Flame in the darkness, the light in the darkness. It was in medieval times that Saturn itself was the outermost planet, holding the secrets of self – transformation, death and the darkness of the soul.

The workings of Saturn are focused within darkness, and the possibility therein. The self-alchemical process of moving through the sphere of Saturn is relative to darkness in that the initiate moves through the chthonic realms of the Earth (Satanas or Mephistopheles), or the Demonium of the Earth, from which one then rises through the higher octaves of Saturn (Lucifer). Within a Sabbatic sense, the Arcanum of Lucifer is presented in the dual essence of self-liberation, isolation and transformation. Just as Lucifer/Azazel fell from the sphere of light to the darkness of the earth, shall a new knowledge be gained in the exploration of the chthonic realms of the psyche. From tasting and knowing the darkness shall the light be controlled and mastered unto the self.

One of the specific focuses of the Sabbatic Path is one rising to acknowledge that the only God is the self, from which all other God and Goddess find their existence in, it is from the well spring of the abyss (the subconscious) that we nourish our Great Famulus and Demonium of the Depths. The individual will then soon realize that there is no God and there is no Devil, yet we as the image of the Adversary, are both God and the Master of the Devil, the gifts of the fallen angels themselves.

IV) The Dragon and Vampyrism

“I come before you, night born as the Queen of the Dead. Behold unto my death mask, the Temple of Azothoz as a current of the living flame. I shall bless each one of you with the devil’s sight, the serpents tongue shall speak of the secret alphabet which ye all shall scribe on the walls of the Sunless Palace, scribe your name in the black book of the dead, with the witchblood of your veins, you are all my children, of Lilith-Hecate, your father is Ahriman, Lord of Phantoms and Darkness. “ – Lilith in NOX UMBRA by Michael Ford

The Dragon itself holds a significant role within the darker and self-liberating aspects of the Sabbatic Path, being specifically a evocation of latent forms from which we become. Considering the Dragon itself is a model or form of the Adversary, the symbolism of the Red and Black Dragon are present.

The Red Dragon itself is Shaitan or Samael, the dual aspects of self-liberation and transformation. As the Red Dragon is a mirror or exteriorized (viewed as a form outside the self) form of the primal self, the Dragon is also a form of ourselves developed and initiated into the Luciferian Mysteries. The Dragon itself as the Adversary is viewed in the initiatory context as both Shaitan and Lilith, the Beholders of Night. The Dragon itself is considered the center point of the Sabbatic Arcanum, the initiatory path of the serpent, which coils and encircles the spirit or psyche of the individual.

‘Arimanius frowned, the author foul of Evil, how with Shades from his dire mansion, he deformed the works of Oromazes, turned to noxious heat the solar beam, that foodful earth might parch’ (Yasht xix.11,12)

The Black Dragon is symbolized as Ahriman, the averse force of darkness and shadow. Ahriman in Zoroastrian terms is the great force of Evil and Darkness, whom was created divine but chose the shadow path. In the Ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, Ahriman (called also Arimanius or Angra Mainya) is one of the earliest forms of the devil itself, the father of those of the shadow, the demonium of the earth.

In the ancient witchcraft religion (Yatuk), Persian Sorcerers used blood of wolves[10] (who are sacred to Ahriman) to call upon darkness. Ahriman was probably in this sense, one of the first Vampyre forms of ancient history. While similar to other fallen angels such as Azazel/Iblis or Lucifer, there is a strong separation of Ahriman from such fire djinn. The reason for this is that Ahriman is of death and shade, a black flame of essence hidden by the cloak of darkness. Iblis/Azazel/Lucifer is an Angel of Light, self-liberation and illumination of knowledge (Gnosis). In this however, do not dismiss the forces of darkness, they are essential to ones own individual initiation and growth. It is in the darkness that the roots give the nourishment for the tree to reach for the Sun.

Ahriman is thus a form of the Vampyre, the shadow which grows in the darkness and solitude of psychic seclusion, isolation and loneliness. Many forms may be taken by Ahriman, from Toad to Dragon, Shadow and Wolf. Ahriman is the model for our Nightside Primal Conscious, the kingdom of the demonium or infernal realm. This is not a moralistic Evil designed to perform harmful deeds against others, but rather a model of self-initiation from which the essence is awakened or discovered through the opposite. The offuscation of the self or Lunar Eclipse is the night – calling of both Ahriman and Az, from which through the Vampyric transformation of self can one reach the consort of Ahriman, known as AZ.

AZ, the Primal Lilith,

“The reason that they felt ill at ease was that by eating and drinking they laid themselves open to Az-concupiscence: their bodies were no longer self-sufficient but depended on nourishment from outside, and this in turn ultimately led to their own wastage and death when they themselves are devoured by Az, for Az is not only the demon of gluttony and lust, she is also the demon of death who is never sated; she is the demon ´who swallows all things.” - : The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism, R.C. Zaehner, New York, 1961

Az, which is a female demon related directly to Ahriman, is considered a harlot and Goddess of Death and Blood. In this aspect Az is related or a blue-print for, Lilith, Hecate and Babalon. She is the Vampyre Queen, the immortal witch whom creates the alchemical elixir of endless existence, the very core essence of the Luciferian and Vampyre. Az may also be related to KALI, the Goddess who devours and brings life. The Vampyre in this aspect is one who feeds of the blood - lifeforce or the nectar of the mind, the imagination, thus revealing the Vampyre as a solitary being who holds no need in the actual draining of blood. The blood itself is symbolic, as an invocation to the Dark Well of the Fallen Angels, the subconscious or imagination (Iblis, Shaitan).

Az is connected with the word, Azhi, meaning a serpent. The Chaos of the divine feminine or lunar essence is explored through a Godform relation to this Goddess, thus the magician invokes AZ to understand the feminine within. It is the Serpent and Dragon which are the immortal avatars of the well of the imagination, the blood pool of immortality and the endless existence of the psyche.

Death and the grave exists a challenge and significance within the Shadow Sabbatic Path, being of two primary points. One is that death and darkness is a challenging image and concept which the magician must overcome mentally to invoke a higher point of self-initiation, to understand opposites and their dual meaning. The second is that death is a gateway of self-transformation and thus the relation of the vampyre and the grave is this; that the developed and isolated psyche strives for survival beyond the grave, that the mind may prove immortal to exist thus as the fallen angels or watchers.

The Dragon of Darkness is our freedom within the Nightside world of Atavisms and the Lesser and Greater Famulus of the self, that the Sabbatic Path awakens our potential as Gods and Goddesses. Reach forth into the shadow, for it is there that Lucifer and Iblis emerge, and through the Nightside may the gates of immortality open.


I wish to thank those who have offered friendship, assistance and their own ideas in whatever way that it manifests: Douglas Grant, Armiluss Faust, Charles Gonzales, Aaron Besson, Frater Scorpius Nokmet, Stephen Cass, Nathan Harris (RED PRIORY) and the independent initiates of the Luciferian Path. – VOX BARATHRUM, Michael Ford


[1] Iblis, the Black Light by Peter Lamborn Wilson. Gnosis Magazine.
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[3] Lilith, Awlraun-Lilith, see Azothoz by Michael W. Ford
[4] Azothoz, a Book of the Adversary by Michael W. Ford
[5] Yatuk Dinoih, the Ritual of Infernal Union
[6] The Black Flame is the essence of the isolated divinity of self, the unity of the Sethian God Form of the individual. See Azothoz, Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers and The Diabolicon by Michael Aquino.
[7] FIRE AND ICE and LORDS OF THE LEFT HAND PATH by Stephen Flowers.
[8] Ayn al-Qozat explained Iblis/Satan as the Gateway between worlds, or the imagination from which we shall manifest ideas.
[9] Shades of ALGOL, A Grimoire of Left Hand Path and Sabbatic Witchcraft by Michael W. Ford
[10] See YATUK DINOIH by Michael W. Ford.
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Re: Black Witchcraft
I believe you mean, "African American Witchcraft"

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Re: Black Witchcraft
Midnight’s Circle
A Commentary of AZOTHOZ – A Book of the Adversary
Presented by The Night Ravener (Akhtya Seker Arimanius ~ Michael W. Ford)-
A Brother in the Pact of Witchblood

AZOTHOZ presents in poetic form the antinomian concept of separation from the natural order. This is clear throughout the various grimoires such as NOX UMBRA, BOOK OF CAIN, YATUK DINOIH, GOETIA (Luciferian Edition), and The TOAD RITE. Azothoz is actually a strong foundation from which these works arose. As written as lyric and poem form, the original praxis of the spiral force is not only directed inward, it is invoked in the circle of being. As some may have studied, Aleister Crowley[1] has placed significant focus on the Spiral Force, the traveling point of magickal energy. The same may be stated in the Antinomian practice of Left Hand Path Magick, it is the spiral force from below (darkness) which ascends through the body (self) towards the Luciferian Realms (Light).

A good point of focus may be the planet Saturn, which holds two octaves[2] which is a lower and higher. The opposing force resides in both octaves, the lower being Satanas = rebellion, adversity, fire and the destructive power of the Sun. The lower is the demonic, being the fall from the light to taste the wisdom of darkness. The higher octave is Lucifer, the Angel-Serpent which brings wisdom to mankind. Lucifer is known in the Sabbat and Luciferian Witchcraft lore as among other names, Azal’ucel, being a sigillic word-manipulation of Azazel and Lucifer. The face of the Dragon-serpent is indeed an Angel (Angels are described as Higher articulations in man) who brings the gift of the Black Flame to us, Spirit and intelligence.

“It is the ecstasy of the in-between that led to the path unseen” -Azothoz by Michael W. Ford

In working with the Adversary, one must be focused on the Great Work of Becoming like Lucifer, thus keeping by Will developing in the Higher Octave, being the Luciferian Sabbat– the ecstasy of the Light of Iblis, the very Knowledge and Communication of the Holy Guardian Angel or Angelic Familiar. This is the essence of the Great Work, the bare root or essence of what the focus of Black Magick and Luciferian Witchcraft/Sorcery entails.

A study of the Janus-Headed Adversary is essential in the context of the Sabbatic/Luciferian Path as well as others. In the Brotherhood of Saturn the God of the Saturnian Sphere is Baphomet – Temohpab, being a Angel-Demon of both a positive and negative side. In AZOTHOZ, Lucifer is the Baphometic Spirit which presents in lyrical prose the sides of the Adversary, in terms of Sethanic (of SET) Witchcraft and the Left Hand Path. Set is presented in AZOTHOZ as the Egyptian Godform of Chaos, Darkness and Storms. He is in this sigillic mask the initiator and tester, the opposer and flame giver. It is indeed the mask of Set which was given unto his bride, Lilith, to spawn CAIN, the first sorcerer and initiator of Witchblood. As written in Azothoz-

“Lilith came unto the Prince of Darkness
whom found the shores of the Red Sea
in passion and nocturnal lust knew
the passions of man and woman
thus children of this infernal union born”

This represents the formula of Sex Magick within a Left Hand Path perspective. They (Samael/Lucifer & Lilith-Awlraun) join in their circle of flame at the shores of the Red Sea to copulate and breed Daemons. The significance of the Red Sea is the point of the Ocean from which Leviathan arises, thus Leviathan the coiling dragon (the CIRCLE) brings the Lucifer and Lilith in Sexual Congress, by Will they create the first born of Witchblood = Cain. This is mirrored by the initiate who is able by the solitary act to bring in union both the masculine (Lucifer/Samael) and the daemonic feminine (Lilith) to spawn Cain (the united Self, the Adversary in flesh, Baphomet).

In the Circle of Midnight does the self invoke the shadow of the Adversary; it is the union of the Daemonic Spirit or True Will with the sorcerer. In this process, the passing and invocation of power brings the initiate in the passing of Witchblood. Azothoz is the word which brings the self to the fall and then to discover in the darkness the Black Flame within, the very gift of Iblis[3]. It is the idea of this word, spoken in silence by the sorcerer or witch, to encircle the self in the Holy Fire of Samael and Lilith, those who rebelled from the Natural Order (Right Hand Path = death of being) to bring man and woman intelligence, being known as the Black Flame. The magician speaks the word of making to become as a God himself; Cain is born from the union of the Dragon and Harlot.

The illustrations of Azothoz provide a powerful interplay between the invocations and the placement of the actual drawings in the tome. There are 13 illustrations of the grimoire, each holding a focus of the Luciferian Gnosis is some way or another. “The Spirit of Azothoz” beholds the Eye of Set or Saturnus, the Adversary. This eye is surrounded by Flame, and is at first glance a serpent’s eye. This is the wisdom driving sigil of the discovery of dreaming and waking knowledge, that which lies hidden. “Iblis” is a powerful sigillic drawing which interplays with the 6th section of the poem, the descending dragon-angel which is Azazel, or Lucifer. This Adversarial Spirit is shown with Angelic traits (the upper which falls from the Sun) to the Demonic (which descends but then reaches towards the Light again). It is a process of coming into being as the Adversary, horned and crowned in the Midnight Sun, thus emerging Shaitan of Midnight.[4] The 17th and 18th section of the poem displays the “Alphabet of Desire” which presents the language of making and the subconscious spells made flesh. The sigils are aligned within two Trapezoids crowned by Cain the Adversary and the Apep – Demon of Chaos, surrounded by sigillic formulas of Antinomian Self-Deification; the making of the Luciferian Mind through Solitude and Isolation. This is a process of developing the self through the Mark of Cain[5] and the declaration of separation from the Natural Order. This allows the magician to grow without outside and society crippling dogma.

The Sigillic Drawings of Lilith and Samael-Asmoday (a mask of Shaitan-Iblis) are the separate initiators of the path, Lilith who comes as the vampyric – succubi and the Moon dwelling force of water and earth, via the North Winds (symbolic of Darkness). Shaitan-Samael, the Dragon-Angel comes enfleshed as a beautiful figure which holds two skulls, one Wolf-like and one of a Goat – this is the Sexual Formula of the Sun entering the Moon, thus Shaitan’s direction is South and East, depending on his representation, being of Wisdom or Fire (Two Octaves of Saturn, the Higher and Lower).

The other illustrations are equally important and play a direct correlation between text and image, thus being a grimoire which plants a seed in the reader, as one widdershins[6] forward via magickal development the Adversary awakens via the Black Flame.

A section in “The Throne of Twilight” mentions an Atavistic Resurgence concept which was propagated to some extent by Austin Osman Spare.

“Humanity carried the knowledge of the Beast which angels sought to possess”

This refers to the Fall and how Lucifer sought to invoke the dragon and beast within his being, thus joining in union the Sun with the Moon. The practitioner of the Art Magical[7]

Is one who seeks the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel or Luciferian Angel, but also to enflesh the Bestial Aspects of his being, thus developing the Shadow and the Light aspects of his being. This is the Great Work, through isolation in the antinomian path does the Luciferian Sorcerer come forth and recreate himself/herself as a God.

“The Lore of the Fallen” was written as a Witch cult invocation of the self bringing in union the ghost-fires of shades of the dead with the Witches Sabbat and Luciferian Point of Becoming. The illustrations present direct interplay of this process, the dynamic in motion. While the illustrations do not represent the end point, but rather the self in this motion, ever flowing towards the higher articulation of being.

As AZOTHOZ deals with the magickal transformation of being, the ensorcelment of self in the circle of Cain and Lilith, the further exploration of the Watchers are given in the tracts THE SUN and THE MOON. Each presents the developmental process of the Witchblood propagated by the Watchers who in spirit and dream bring knowledge to those who may invoke them.

The Invocation of the Black Eagle as propagated by Austin Spare presents a powerful nightside formula of image and concept which holds the sorcerer in isolation. One should seek the Black Eagle in dream, in those areas not conceptually noted from which shadows may hide. It is the Initiatic Guide which grants the knowledge of the darkness in the self.

The focus and essence of Azothoz lies in dreaming, how this may relate to the individual and what omens are presented. Hidden in the gnosis of Azothoz is the embrace of the Sun, the solar and life giving illumination, but also the scorching and fire influenced spirit of Sorat/Shaitan/Set, which is the core essence of the isolated spirit of the Adept.

Equally the Moon and Night (Darkness) is the gnosis which must be explored through the dreaming essence of Lilith – Az, the emotional, instinctual and sorcerous path. It is the direct transition and embodiment of the adept in the Antinomian Left Hand Path concept. It is essential to balance both, as one feeds the other, be it masculine and feminine qualities. The union of the Sun and the Moon defines the essence of being, thus separates by Will the isolate consciousness of the Adept.

A Book of the Adversary
By Michael W. Ford
Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford
Published by Succubus Publishing
[link to algol.chaosmagic.com]

Azothoz is a formula used specifically in the Golden Dawn and is a work combined from the first and final letters of the Latin, Hebrew and Greek Alphabet – Alpha & Omega, Aleph and Tau. This work symbolizes the Beginning and the End, the Dawn and Twilight, thus as AZOTHOZ is a reverse partly, signifying the Adversary. Azothoz is a poetic grimoire which sigillizes in lyric and image the essence of Set/Shaitan the Adversary, Lilith and the sorcerous path of Luciferian Witchcraft. Azothoz contains an essay on Sethanic Witchcraft and the development inspired from various correspondences around Azazel, the Middle Eastern Fire Djinn who is regarded by practice as the initiatic spirit of sorcery. The Adversary in an initiatory context as it pertains to the Left Hand Path, the path of Non-Union with the subjective universe.

Part One of Azothoz is “The Throne of Twilight”, this poetic invocation is the Leviathanic Dance against the Sun and ensorcells the Vampyric and Shadow essence of not only the Sabbat, but the sorcerous invocation of Shaitan-Lilith-Azrael-Ahriman, the Infernal Spirits who reside over the Path itself. Part Two “The Lore of the Fallen” is a poetic-invocation of the Cunning Path, that of the Sabbat and Sethanic Gnosis of Lucifer and Cain, from which the Initiatic Fire is passed from Spirit to Spirit. The Spirit-Familiar of Austin Osman Spare, known as the Black Eagle is presented here as a guide by a sinistral (left way) sigillic formula, including an invocation chant and essay upon the shadow of this vampyric shade. Two formulas of the Sun and the Moon are given, which is a sigillized text of the Watchers of the Book of Enoch. The Grimoire ends with an invocation of Set the Adversary. Azothoz is beautifully illustrated by Elda Isela Ford, who captures the pictorial symbolization of the darker aspects of the sorcerous path.

All Material Copyright (c) Michael W. Ford 2003

[link to algol.chaosmagic.com]


[1] The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley, The Thoth Tarot.
[2] Fire and Ice by Stephen E. Flowers
[3] “The Throne of Twilight is the awakening undertaken by the initiate, by he and she whom invokes and envisions the Luciferian Light. That Lucifer is Iblis, the imagination and the very foundation of free thought that defines the propagation of the Will.” – From SETHANIC WITCHCRAFT & THE LEFT HAND PATH, the Introduction to AZOTHOZ by the present author.
[4] See NOX UMBRA, “The Ritual of Entering Black Eden”, the Vampyric-Luciferian Dreaming Sigil of the Devil-made flesh.
[5] A Ritual performed via BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON, by the Present Author and a private version practiced in COVEN MALEFICIA, the Triad of The Order of Phosphorus. See THE BOOK OF CAIN by the Present Author.
[6] Widdershins is a movement counter-clockwise, a way of going reverse about a circle. See Arkon Daraul, A History of Secret Societies, Citadel Press.
[7] A term used by Scire, G.B. Gardner, IVº OTO to denote the path. Pg. 182 of High Magic’s Aid, IHO Books.
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Re: Black Witchcraft
The Order of Phosphorus
By Michael Ford

The Order of Phosphorus is a guild of sorcerers whom by their own predilection seek their own initiation within the non-traditional means of the Luciferian Witchcraft, with a Left Hand Path approach. This current explores dark
archetypes and currents which resonate with the Witches Sabbat workings (to explore the Dream Conclave), Thelemic and Luciferian Magickal systems which bring results. Phosphorus is not a path which is follower oriented, rather solitary and self-driven.

The Witches Sabbat itself is the axiom of magickal awakening, a separate and isolate self, which has perceived it´s being to go forth and manifest its divine Will. Those who attend the Witches´ Sabbat often do so in animal forms,
daemonic forms and arousing themselves to ride their self-created familiars to the gathering in dream states. It is here, in the crossroads, beneath the Devil´s Kiss and Mark of the Left Hand that such a well of power dwells within each heart and mind, the Black Flame itself illuminated!

The Order of Phosphorus explores also more ancient forms of magick and sorcery, such as the Yatuk Dinoih and darker Tantric aspects. There is a wide variety of systems of sorcery within TOPH which expand upon areas of dark witchcraft and magick.

The principle nature of the fall is the subconscious and often conscious dissatisfaction with ones´ present state of being. Azazel or Lucifer (called Azal´ucel) was seeking more power through the self; as he had sensed his own
psyche, or being, he perceived what made him unique therefore separated from the natural order itself. Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, more correctly called Djinn who was composed of fire. Before the fall this flame was bright, after the fall the flame was mixed with darkness and shadow, thus now of a blackened flame. This is a symbol of the balanced aspect of the fall in its transformative state. Lilith, the bride of Ahriman (who is Lucifer revealed in darkness, the adversary) holds this deific attribute as well.

The Hissing of the Serpent
-The Words of the Devil - Cain-
A Solitary Circle chant of Ensorcelment
By Akhtya Seker Arimanius - Michael Ford

"Hear now the Words spoken from the torch bearer
I stand before those who would encircle themselves in darkness to know light
It is I as Spirit - Daemon, which brought the fire to humanity
Thus the profane were lifted up
In flesh I am the Son, who drinks of the Sun and the Moon,
The Ecstasies of Light and Darkness
When your eyes are closed can you understand
The Mask of the Devil is the Bringer of Light
In darkness with my mother am I found - Az - Jeh - Lilith
In my Brides Womb am I found - Naamah
I hold the hammer which summons forth Black Light
And the Stave which ascends in the Sun
Then may my face be revealed - Adversary
Cain am I in the Flesh born of Dragon and Whore"

The Order of Phosphorus works through the path of the Witch in a Left Hand Path perspective. We seek to develop and become by our work itself. The self is viewed as arcana of great and hidden knowledge, and by the union of opposites can the self unite the mental and physical, the Solar and Lunar forces into a unified and self-perceived extension and bearer of the Black Flame!

Can you look into the Eye of Algol, blazing darkness and embers of blackened light? Would you work in the Eye of Algol, from wherein Lilith and Ahriman would devour you? The Eye to the uninitiated is the blade of suicide or murder, a force which turns inward if it senses weakness…the Eye in the Flesh (Algol fallen) is Cain, Wherein Lucifer dwells, the inner imagination and fire of the self as God.When Algol falls into flesh, and the Eye opens in the clay, the knife falls into Abel, in a swift orgasmic passion of self-love.

To know Cain is to know Life, the possibility and the gaping void of death….

In summary, The Order of Phosphorus is an initiatory guild which is guided towards exploring Sabbatic Sorcery from a Left Hand Path perspective. If you are interested, contact below-

For more information visit-

[link to algol.chaosmagic.com]
Enquire via e-mail about Phosphorus affiliation at - nachttoter@aol.com

Mailing Address-
P.O. Box 926344
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Re: Black Witchcraft
The Workings of Babalon
-The Summoning of the Daemonic Feminine into a Material Avatar
-The Queen of the Witches Sabbat-
by Michael W. Ford - Akhtya Seker Arimanius
Illustration by Elda Isela Ford

The Temple and Altar should be decorated as one who would call forth the Mother of Harlots, the very Queen of Wolves and Blood Drinking Djinn of the Deserts and Forests. Crimson and pitch black, the essence of the souls who walk immortal through the Trapezoid, that unto whom raise forth the Goddess of Spilt Blood and the Passion of the Adversary - the very essence of the Sun and the Moon. Life is the great celebration; Babalon is thus the queen of becoming through the Light of Azazel. To invoke the spirit of Babalon whom is Lilith, ecstasy through sexual union and focus through the enchantment of the elixir, being the consecration of her temple or fetish. A human skull may be in the center of the altar, if available a skull of a large dog and cat on each side of the altar, representing the bestial which is brought in union with the angelic.
The South wall should have an image of Babalon upon the Beast; East wall an image of Hecate as the Triple Goddess; The North wall and image of Lilith; the West wall an image of Az (See Elda Isela Ford´s illustration in YATUK DINOIH by the present author). Two images of Lilith – Babalon are found in the present authors works AZOTHOZ – A Book of the Adversary and NOX UMBRA – Nightside Luciferian Sorcery, Luciferian Witchcraft and Vampyrism.

Statement of Intent-

I summon the Four Goddesses of the Sabbat, who in unity shall manifest the divinity of Lilith within. Through sound and posture, ecstasy and pain, you shall enflesh within my being. Hidden Serpent of the Elphame Fire.

From the South - I invoke thee Babalon, fire and blood drenched goddess, passionate devourer of the weak and fearful. I tear open the gateway - come forth through me!

From the East - Hecate - I invoke thee Witch Queen and begetter of the children of Cunning Fire. By the Howling of Dogs, wolves and night beast - by the Shades of the Necromantic Circle - by the words of sorcerous power whispered in the shadows of the falling sun - I Conjure thee!

From the North - Lilith, Mother of the Path I invoke thee - by the Owl and Beasts of the Earth, by the daemon of the caves, by the shadow tomb of the vampyre, Lilitu, I invoke thee by thy Hidden Names - Abeko, Batna, Abito, Eilo, Amizo, Ita, Izorpo, Kali, Kea, Kokos, Odam, Patrota, Podo, Partasah, Satrina, Talto, Lilith!

From the West - Az, Mother of fornication whom joined in union with Ahriman, I conjure thee! By the Daevas of the flames of Lust - I summon thee - I invoke the primal feminine chaos of your being!

Babalon Outstretched I call thee - Beneath the thorns and twisted trees which reach towards the night sky - guide me unto the sacred crossroads - I behold the gateway above and below. From the dreaming conclaves of the Sabbat I come unto you - Standing at the Northern gate of Cain, thy son enfleshed!

I seek thee Lilith through the wilderness and desert isolation, in the caves of primordial darkness and the burial tombs of the forlorn dead - bring me thy lore and wisdom in the circle.

Witch Mother and Queen of the Dead, whom beholds the sacred cup of blood unto the lips of thy children, in the purity of thine eyes, hidden and revealed in thy lust…

I call to thee, Ancient Goddess who bears the lower limbs of the beast, express through me your sinistral divinity - outstretched congress!

In the sacred circle I summon thee - With thy list, loins and heart enflamed…terrible and beautiful triple mooned Queen..As in the black moon and the blood moon, in the wolf moon and pale corpse moon - Shadow me in thy wings of approach. To me! To me!

I seek to sip at thy cup or fornication, the blood of immortal youth - eternal through thee - in the mirror by the light of candle flame, in the circle by the devil´s name - I invoke thee!

Move through me in the divinity of thy essence, by toad and wolf, by owl and cat, by serpent and bat- Babalon - Lilith - AZ - Hecate - Triple Essence in thy Temple of Azothoz, sacred path of the adversary!

1. If performed in a Coven setting, one may have the Priestess of female becoming the vessel of Babalon from which oracles may be exchanged. This rite is meant as an entrance unto Azothoz, which is the path of the adversary through off-beat High Sorcery.

2. The Ritual may end with sexual congress, as well as a blood like substance within the Cup of Babalon - Wine or such a liquid may suffice. Drink deep of the Elixir, one may keep also a Skull Cap as the Chalice of Lilith (Kapala) and a Golden Chalice (the Elixir of Babalon).

The Record of the City of Chorazin, unto which One emerged in the Light of Babalon, the Caves and Pools of blood which invigorate - by Akhtya Seker Arimanius

I call unto the four pillars of lunar and solar manifestation - the very essence of the Sun in the Eye of the Adversary. That within the circle I stood, summoning forth the Holy Fire of Azazel, whom brought unto me the Adversarial essence of my being, the divine unity through Opposition. In the circle, unto whom Aiwaz was invoked, shall then reveal Set as the Sign of our infinite possibilities. Through this circle and exhaustion of the invocations, was I led to her unto the Beled-el-Djinn, the City of Chorazin. I was approached by the Spirits of Old, whom have transversed the earth since the time of the fall. Unto the Sacred city did I walk unto the Tower of Black basalt, where at the entrance I took the Cup of Blood under a black sun, which pulsated the atmosphere with the fiery and immortal essence of Azazel, the Dual gateway of sacred divinity.

In the eyes of the Adversary, my essence of dual ecstasy, I understood that time flows through the memory of the Watchers, that holding the cup which is the desire of Babalon, that by drinking from it may I enter the Coils of the Serpent, and transform unto the Beast itself. The coils of Leviathan to be held up to the twelve wings of Azazel - Samael, the Serpent Angel, from whom I recite glorious and beautiful and above and so below.

I stood at the tower and gave the cup unto the great spirit of fire, whom was as a mirror in my eyes. Entry unto this tower of the Sun, revealed as fire and black basalt through the mind of the seer.

As I entered the tower I beheld the Angel whom was death and life, who showered in the beauty of the emerald cup, which as I beheld this beautiful chalice, passed through the Guardians of the Path, by the Sword of Flame, the Angel of Aiwaz, known as Shaitan. I am as thee - IAO!

By the Scepter, blade of death, under the shadow I grow - I am as thee IAO!

I then stood before HER, known unto this being, the seven fold star of flame and blood was imprinted in my soul….I looked deep unto Her eyes, known the shadow and vampyre form of the Goddess.

I took then the mark of the Beast, the Antichrist from the Sea, the Sun and Moon in unity. I then acknowledged I am separate from all things, in unity through disunity. I am a Son of Set. I emerge through the separate conjunction of the Dragon and the Whore.

As I went forth and drifted from the City of Chorazin, wherein I tasted the pleasures of fornication with the Lilitu - and awoke in the Noon tide sun of Azazel, so then I have passed through and shall drink deep of the knowledge every time I return.

BABALON - LILITH and the Words of the Daemonic Feminine


1. Let us approach the Temple, clad in the blood of birth, let the star be revealed unto the seeker.

2. Shall he or she be brought unto HER temple, as robed in the birth caul and named in the essence of her family. The Dragon shall then unite the Beast and Scarlet concubine in disunity and glory.

3. Upon the Throne does she reside, holding a skull given to her by Child Cain, from which all familiars and shades reside, and the Cup of Fornication, of blood which is the life.

4. Between Her breasts is the star of which ye shall enter, that passion which brings dual ecstasies - death and congress.

5. In the Circle shall ye call unto HER, in the stance of the Dragon, and this shall be the work of the wand.

6. All shall come unto Her, and in Her name shall you summon the Queen of the Beasts.

7. The flame which shall ignite is the unity of Azazel, called Aiwaz and in the Hidden name of the Prince of Darkness, called Set-heh. This flame is the demoness which is the compliment of the Black light, creation and emergence unto the Black Tower of Chorazin.


1. Through HER name shall ye become unto Her temple. Those of the blood shall understand and yearn for her.

2. Her temple is found in the dream, and brought forth in the encirclement of the sorcerer, by the word of the wand. Worlds grow united.

3. In the union of the Sun and the Moon may you bring Her blessing, Her child, of flesh OR spirit.

4. That by congress with her in the temple shall you enter the ring of flame that is the Antichrist.

5. The union of the Sun and the Moon, by the Keys of the Watchers of Chorazin shall the gates be opened. In this glory of the Beast have then you become as the Desert Djinn and the Harlot enrapt.

6. Through the Dual Ecstasies shall Rebirth await - As Above so Below.

7. The Temple is flesh and spirit, know it by ecstasy therein.


1. Her Temple is within the earth, in the forests, at an Oak consecrated as your living altar, the chamber created as the vessel of the famulus and servitors. Such Coven homes are sacred unto her.

2. That through the infernal Lord of the Earth and through the Luciferian Lord of the Light shall the Guardian of Greenways be revealed with Beast and spirit.

3. She resides in the caves of the Red Sea, with Bestial shape our mother revealed.

4. Those of the Witchcraft, whom have taken the devil´s mark, are of the Kin of Babalon, that by Her name are sacred unto the very Temple.

5. That the path she is behind, a guiding force of our being - from which we grow in her crimson light.

6. The Priestess whom is in the Glory of the White Goddess shall become through the office of the Demonic, that she shall devour and grow in both darkness and light.

7. Her name in the Witch Cult as the avatar of Lilith, or Babalon is the Scarlet Woman, her office is divinity, the incarnation of the immortal essence of the demonium and the angelick famulus of the soul.

HER being is found in the graveyards and tombs of the dead, wherein she fornicates with the hungry shades which seek the spark of life. Give unto her all for the shades of old Will replenish in dreams.


Through the Ritual of Infernal Union and the Hymn of the Antichrist shall come forth the Temple of Azothoz, from the City of Chorazin does one drink of the Cup of fornication of the Goddess, called Babalon and Lilith. I become as the Lion Headed Serpent from the Dragon of the Sea, I become as the one of the Sun, a Son of the Desert Djinn whom is revealed as the Peacock Angel.


1. From flame I emerge, a heart and mind of Two Suns, each a dual aspect of becoming.

2. It is this flame of Azazel born. Given unto those who drink deep of the emerald Cup of thy Angel, Azal´ucel.

3. I have walked unto the oceans, blood red and black with the essence of Leviathan, summoned the Great Dragon and entered into its coils.

4. In the circle of timeless being I found great ecstasy, and was encircled within the serpent. Therein I found thought and perception.

5. That in communion of my Angel, which I am in all ways, began a deep communion unto Leviathan, whom is alone and all within the abyssic depths.

6. Timeless essence was perceived through the becoming like unto mine angel, whom is Azal´ucel, like Cain whom is a timeless mirror of the image of Seth, our tester and patron of the path.


1. Through this circle, from which I woke in a dreaming state, realized that "I" was an arcana of selves, which brought in union was to be a Set - Like being, a manifestation of Azal´ucel called Serpent Like.

2. That the symbol of the Beast and Babalon, conjoined is the office of becoming - that by this self-knowledge I am ANTICHRIST.

3. That the Antichrist is any man or woman who has conjoined the Sun and the Moon, whom has drank of the emerald cup of the Serpent Angel, the Golden Chalice of Babalon and awakened and emerged from the Sea of Leviathan.

4. I awoke yet again in the coils of the Ourabouris - my tomb earth laid there, that in immortal and vampyric essence do I exist.

5. And from the Ocean did I arise, as a Son of Leviathan, to become as the Beast, as mine sacred angel - daemon and angelick famulus in sacred union.

6. I am Al-Dajjal, the Antichrist whom by Love and Strength shall proclaim the religion of oppression is and shall fail. With this self-love, I take the Oath of the Antichrist.


1. I, Antichrist, whom bears the mark of the beast, come unto humanity and proclaim, "There is no God by Man" and through man and woman does this spirit think.

2. Those who hear this voice reflect this in their actions, to fight bigotry and hypocrisy.

3. I come unto you and proclaim, "Fight now the old and false religion by striking the foundation by the weapon of logical thought.

4. In flame I am born, as my father Azazel. In Air I am illuminated, as my spirit Lucifer. In the Earth I rest and transform into shadow beasts, in the forests and caves of Belial. In the Water do I drink of the mysteries of the depths, as Leviathan.

5. Wolves and jackals come unto me, their musick in the night traveling point of being - As Arimanius.

6. That the Antichrist shall bring joy and freedom unto humanity and the Sethanic Witchcraft shall be the training ground of the adept. Emerge!

The Hymns to the Sun
The Beast 666 and Babalon is Solar/Lunar Union

I) Shaitan (South)

I come forth with the Forked Stave of the Sun - As the Adversary in each heart and brain of man and woman - I am both terrible and beautiful.
In the Noon Tide Hour does my spirit come forth
As Azazel, Fiery Djinn of the Desert Sun-
I have enthroned my being in the heart of the Day - That strengthens or burns do I who may test me!
My eyes burn as the heart of battle and lust
My heart is the essence of the Lions of the Gate!
My Visage is that of crimson and blackened flame
My strike is that of a Scorpion of the desert!
My stride is that of a burning chariot driven by furious beasts!
My head is adorned with the Horns of the Goat and Beast
My tongue is the flickering Dragon - Weaving Sorceries by my voice
My phallus is the giver of life - the elixir of the Sun!
My touch is the bringer of Death!
My wings are as the Peacock illuminated with Light a Beautiful Color
By flame and Noon Tide Battles I adore thee! IAO!!

II) Lucifer (East)

I come forth at Dawn, face the Eastern sky and proclaim-
"Hail unto the essence of flame, that all beauty is nourished by thee, O´ Sun of the Morning.
To be perfected essence of thy shape - eyes glowing in the joy of the earth, which cast the reflection of the highest Aethyr-
seek you as the trees which reach for thee, in the love of the Sun, yet nourish their roots in the darkness of the soil
Enthroned in the palace of light, encircled in the brilliance of the fire of spirit-
Hail to thee, brightest Son of God, who outshines all other angels.
It is this brightness that led to the separation from the natural order, from which you become as God itself.
Who in the new light of Morning, is the freedom of all ignorance of tyranny, stands proud with the fiery sword of dawn, the illuminating force of the highest heaven - IAO!


In the Seven Stars of Azhdeha, as the Dragon is the key to my kingdom - I exist isolate of all things. I have made myself immortal by the process of being and becoming.
In the fires of the Noon Day do I form Chaos, yet I exist in the Midnight Hour, Isolate in the center of the Storm.
From this Storm do I spread and create Darkness, yet once you have awakened to my storm and shadow does the Desert Sun awaits.
There is a Sun in the Moon, and the Eclipse brings my palaces of the Goddess closer
I am chaos yet in me is found order, strength and directional, willed thought.
By this I am and am always coming into being
Those who seek my dark and fiery essence will come into being this way, those who become like me
In my Will I may take the form of the Serpent or beast that I shall devour and destroy my enemies. In this rapture do I coil and emerge!
Seek me in the Trapezoid - through these gates do we become as Stone!


In the Dying Sun do I come forth as the crimson goddess
Blood red in the flames of the Sun and Moon am I beautiful.
Those who come forth to me are in the fire of the Sun, enflame thyself in my glory
I am birth and death, burial and resurrection.
Upon the Dragon do I ride, in the coils of the Serpent do I exist

I am love and hate, emotions which burn the quick of the soul!
Enrapture yourself in me, always as congress and consumption!
In the Seven Pointed Star do I reside, as the Dragon from the Sea
The Beast 666 do I seek union with, as flames and earthquakes surround us!
Many die, yet those who see are reborn in the immortal blackened flame

Through my blood, which drips unto the skull of Cain, do I feed the dwellers of darkness,
The shades of the dead…they seek my sweet lips from which is fed by the Sun…
Through my hands which hold the Golden Cup of Holy Blood and Fornication, Do I raise towards the Heavens - that the Beast may drink from and hold the ecstasy of our union.

By Night do I seek congress with man, and he shall drink from the dreaming moon
By Day do I invigorate the Sun and bring fiery strength to those who go through me
I am Beast and Goddess, above and below!
In exile do I grow strong like my consort Set-heh

Come unto me..in the Sabbat dreaming…fire and water, the Luciferian and Infernal!

I am the crimson cloaked radiance, the moon – in blood and new from which I offer dreams and visions to those who come forth in my name.
Let my mysteries be discovered – for in the Willed union of Ecstasy shall my children be brought forth.
In the flames are they granted the desire which made them manifest, the fire which is my essence, the creative sign to those who are enraptured in the night sky.

I am crowned in the Infernal Kingdoms, and between the Sabbat is my lust born.
Of death am I, devouring, jaws dripping in the blood and fornication of those who do not know me – yet I am goddess to those who enter me, spread in lust and congress to ravage me. I am the Queen of Flames…

In darkness I sought Ahriman, and with my tongue and words roused him from his ancient slumber, to go forth in the world to create and destroy…
In the Desert Sun I brought forth Samael the Dragon, known as Azazel, who envigorated by core with his fire-seed which brought forth Cain..

Of the Crooked Dragon was I guided, and that becomes the Beast do I ride in congress – that when the sun is in the moon does the serpent spring forth – and a two fold state is born in those of Witch Blood.
The God in flesh and spirit who may exhaust this Blackened Flame, and the Elixir to create the Lilitu or Children of the Fallen Ones – Ancient Seed of Fire…

That in the Empyrean Dreams am I Queen of Elphame, giver and preserver of desired life, my Robes are Crimson and my Crown is Gold, just as my sacred cup…to compliment my consort of the Emerald Crown..

In the Infernal Nightmare I am as Kali – the devouring black mother who drinks the blood of those who come forth to me, yet I awaken them with unnatural life…life beyond death….

My beginning is as Tiamat – Chaos Serpent which later became flesh….

In the Direction of the North, when Darkness is enthroned am I the infernal queen of shades, I am the blood dripping consort of the spirits of necromance, wolf-goddess and huntress of the full moon…those who call me in my night vessel may then be whispered to in dreams, shall I guide thee to the Sabbat beyond the Gates of Twilight.

All Material Copyright (c) Michael W. Ford
Illustration Copyright (c) Elda Isela Ford
[link to algol.chaosmagic.com]
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Re: Black Witchcraft
A Rite of the Werewolf
The going forth to the Infernal Sabbat
By Michael W. Ford, Akhtya Seker Arimanius

Once the sorcerer has undertaken the self-initiation ritual entitled, “A Ritual of Lycanthropy”[1] in both parts, and he has visualized perfectly his werewolf shadow, or that similar beast of sorcerer, he has entered into the pact of the Devil, the black man of the Sabbat. It is the passing of that rite of initiation that will prepare the witch to travel forth to the Infernal Sabbat, symbolized as the Persian Arezura, the place in the North, the Gates of Hell. Let the practitioner be perfectly still in focus and Will, that nothing shall break his or her concentration of that task which draws the Ka (the astral or Body of Light) further into darkness.

As with the legend of Pierre Bourgot and Michel Verdung[2] the initiate shall have one who shall be as the Lord of the Forest. In the legend aforementioned, Pierre Bourgot had lost his sheep in the forest around the year of 1521, becoming distressed when unable to find them. Three Black Riders approached him, the third saying “Whither away, you seem to be in trouble?”, the rider then told the boy not to worry that his master may take care of him and his flock, saving them from the attack of wolves. His name was revealed as Moyset, he initiated Pierre by the young man renouncing Christianity, kissing Moyset’s Left Hand (which was black and as cold as a corpse) and giving an oath to His Lord the Devil.

After a time Pierre went back into the service of his community and was reinitiated by a man named Michel Verdung. Verdung took Pierre to a Sabbat Ritual, where they met in the woods near Chastel Charnon. Each danced about with a green candle with a blue flame, and then smeared a salve on Pierre which transformed him into a wolf. It was later that Moyset returned and gave Pierre a salve which transformed him into a wolf.

Transvection is a powerful tool aided in astral or dreaming projection. Some witches have used ointments, made from nightshade and other herbs which produce a flying sensation.

Potatoes[3] that have been exposed to sunlight prior to any harvesting will grow on them a toxic alkaloid called Solanine. If such was ingested it could cause sickness, but also sensations of flying and hallucinations. Some could use fat and mix into an ointment which is smeared on the genital area or anus, which has a detailed amount of blood vessels. This would enter then the bloodstream. In the book Demonomanie (1580) Bodin wrote that witches rode a broom stick or black ram to the Sabbat. As early as 1489 a writer called Molitor mentioned Wolves as a transport. In the Goetia, Amon is shown riding a wolf. In Molitor’s De Lamiis a woodcut shows a witch riding a wolf, not to mention other sorcerers sitting astride a forked stick[4]. The Infernal Sabbat, being the Antinomian self-love rite of sexual and psyche oriented self-deification, allows the passing of the shadow of the witch into an Averse and more powerful state of being. Belladonna was used also in salves to produce flying, in large amounts can easily kill.

Atropine is easily absorbed by the skin, which when mixed with fat enters into the bloodstream quickly. Such ingredients no doubted caused such mental and astral journeys into the Sabbat both Celestial and Infernal. Such night flights may be caused by such psychotropic herbs. Toads, being linked to diabolism and witchcraft already[5] and such were used often in potions. Also used in ointments were bats and their blood, mixed with deadly nightshades. For this reason, individuals should not experiment with such, noted that death could occur.

In specific, part of the Witches Sabbat practice of going forth by night is the illumination of the imagination; that when the subconscious is brought closer to the conscious. Those who are able, by herbs or meditation alone without the use of herbs, are ones who seek to know themselves. This process and act is not hidden by any one school, or so-called exclusive coven of witches or teachings. The answers, as Robert Cochrane has written, are in the wind. All one must do is heed the voice of inspiration, that spark of Sathan which illuminates our path of becoming.

Buddhists looks at existence as being central to the soul in itself. The Buddhist will sometimes move through a form of lycanthropy of different animals, sometimes falling into meditation, leaving the flesh and blood to later return from trance. The Sabbat, no matter what inspiration may create, does the same end. The Black Mass in specific has long held traditions of Lycanthropy and witchcraft in close connections. Often, the Black Man of the Sabbat holds the power of bestial transformation, will often give salves to new initiates. A demonologist, Pierre de Lancre (1612) mentioned a goat-like figure, wearing a chasuble who read from a book bound in wolf’s skin, which contained pages red, white and black. In ‘Commentarius de Praecipibus Divinationum Generibus’ (1560) by Casper Peucer wrote of a story from Latvia, of when werewolves take their forms to walk at night with the devil. The sorcerers are summoned to a conclave where all transform and go forth by night.

The writer Jean de Nyauld in ‘De la Lycanthropie and Metamorphosis’ and ‘Ecstasy and Witches’ makes reference to an ointment with the following ingredients: the fat of a child (take away Christian paranoia = animal fat), juice of water parsnip, soot and deadly nightshade. The unguent which was smeared on the inner thigh contained belladonna, this was said to create flying sensations.

A document from the ‘Sloane Ms. British Museum’ and published in an older book[6] presents a werewolf chant[7] from which the sorcerer sheds the human form for that of a wolf. Such a chant may be used in dreaming chants before sleep if the witch so desires – lending to the dreaming flesh gathered by shadows.

In the ancient lore of Persian Sorcery, with specifics to Zoroastrianism, Wolves were hated creatures which were said to be created by Ahriman. The term ‘Khrafstra’ is a general word for noxious beasts, attributed to the Druj or Demons of the Dragon Ahriman. Such imagery is used in the work of The Black Order of the Dragon, a secret guild of witches and sorcerers who develop a Left Hand Path initiatory guild based on (among others) Persian Sorcery and so-called Black Magick centered around the dragons Ahriman and Tiamat, who is of Sumerian origin. The BOTD which is headed by a Triad of witches called ‘Coven Maleficia’ of The Order of Phosphorus have worked in Vampyric areas of Dreaming Sorcery for some years. In the BOTD the initiate Works through the symbolism of the transformation of the Vampyre to the Werewolf to the Dragon in a dreaming centered development of what could be called Luciferian Witchcraft. The Ritual contained here is but one example of some of the initiatory focus of this so-called ‘Sethianic’[8] school.

As a point of focus, the initiate who takes the flesh of the werewolf does so via the imagination. This would require a certain amount of privacy in which the witch would not be bothered by anyone else, to ensure a self-fascination and the visualized transformation to occur. The initiate would prepare his or her chamber accordingly, having a belt made of wolf skin or possibly even fake wolf fur. The point is that the imagination may be excited to allow this mental transformation to begin. You must visualize your chosen form, how it looks and different stages of transformation and how you may hold them in certain points of shape changing, for various purposes. You first begin your chant, holding it slowly and allowing the power of this atavism to take hold of the consciousness; slowing moving through your entire body and then allowing the flesh to change. The face will contort and begin pulsating and stretching, the skin will turn an ashen gray, the eyes will turn a feral yellow, allowing a sharper sight. Your fingers will stretch and grow very long, the nails turning black and becoming talons. Your teeth will become razor sharp fangs, your throat issuing bestial growls and howls. As your limbs extend and grow, gray matted fur will grow all over your body, and slowly ears will grow pointed and the hearing will increase ten fold. As your senses are all alive, your face becomes an entangled snout, with your sense of smell becoming more and more intense. In a matter of moments your transformation into a great gray werewolf will be complete, you may walk to the woods or simply lay down to a meditative sleep – record your dreams and experiences with as much detail as you can upon waking.

A second level of lycanthropy is also the changing of various parts of the body according to your will and going forth in the dream or in a meditative state in the ritual chamber. Some will take different parts of animals and go forth in a dreaming state, awakening with detail experiences, and having the attributes of the animal parts they formed. Another more intense area of the transformative state is from human to man-wolf to a dragon form, which the snout grows sharper teeth, horns emerge from the head and much of the fur dissipates. The flesh changes from ashen gray to a dark black-green scaled form. This is the Ahrimanic Dragon form, a state of being in which the Witch has begun a self-transformative state into a deep communion with Ahriman and Tiamat – the Druj of darkness who by their isolation and individual beings, bring the gift of the black flame to those who seek to be like them. In such an instance, focus your journey to Arezura, or Hell (a secret meeting place of witches) and record your results upon waking. Notice the beings you meet and all that is revealed to you.

The methods of using a bone or charm designated through ritual practice and meditative awakening shall be something of a wolf-skin which activates mental transformation. A key to this is given in “The Black Mass” as reproduced in “The Toad Rite” which refers to the Lord’s Prayer Backwards to raise this gray shadow within. You may stand in the forest, in your bedchamber, anywhere which you may find the solitude needed for the Going Forth…As with the Averse calling of Cain, utilize the chants when you are inspired. In the Yatuk Dinoih (Second Edition) the Staota Wulalffa summons the visualized form of the Wolf to a shape you shall take by dreams.

Nema, Live morf reviled tub. Noitatpmet otni ton su dael dna su tsniaga ssapsert that meht evigrof ew sa, sessapsert ruo su evigrof dna. Daerd yliad ruo yad siht su evig. Nevaeh ni ti sa htrae ni enod eb lliw yht. Emoc modgnik yht. Eman yht ed dewollah, neveah ni tra hcihw rehtaf ruo.

The Chant of Becoming a Werewolf
(Inspired by the Sloane Ms. British Museum manuscript, as given to me by the Skratte)

Under the gleam of the Moon, be it full or dark
I stand in the Crossroads of Cain
Under the Horns of the Adversary and Beast Lord
As the Gray Shadow which ensorcels my being
As with who drinks water from the prints of the Wolf
To he who has taken the Wolf belt of the Devil
By Satanadar I summon thee, By the Devil I become thee
I shall become the Werewolf, Man and Beast…
To go forth this night to Feast
None shall capture my gray form
By the Binding Words, Nasatanda…
So it is done!

I am indebted to: Skratte (Nathaniel Harris), Elda Isela Ford, Scorpius Nokmet, Frater A.S.L., Soror Teth…..

Night and the Witches Sabbat
-The Adversarial Foundations of Sorcery-
by Michael W. Ford

To look into the possibilities of Models and how one may shape and assist in self-transformation, it is imperative to study and understand the foundations of the very Gods which emerge from us. Nightside or Shadowside as a term is defined in Witches Sabbat and Luciferian[9] terminology as averse dreaming practice. In Islamic mythology and lore, Shaitan is the Lord of Rebellious Spirits, a Djinn made of Fire. It is this fire[10] which leads the individual towards the wall looking down into the Abyss, and the infinite possibilities of being. The sorcerer thus begins to adopt the God form of Shaitan to master the spirits and Djinn of the self – all of those elements which command mastery of the self.

Night is the in-between point which later unveils the light, therefore being a barrier and initiation aspect of the self and such conceptual matter. The numerical 666, described by Aleister Crowley is the number of the Beast[11], which is inherent in the Sun in the Zodiac. The Sun is also associated with the Adversarial Triad, being Shaitan (Set) Typhon, Apophras (Apep) and Besz, a god of transformation. The Devil as an initiatory force is considered masculine, thus is represented by the Phallus or source of creative life. In the Tarot, the Devil is attributed to Capricornus, and the Hebrew letter Ayin, being an EYE.

The symbolism of the Devil as the initiator may be best understood by the Tarot as presented in The Book of Thoth. Satan/Set is the Ass Headed God of the Desert, the Lord of Storms and desolate places. Set is the tester of self, the adversary and opposer. Set is also related to Saturn. This planet, called also ‘Shabbathai”, is the “Sphere of Saturn” and is considered a meeting place of the Witches Sabbat. The image of those leaving the flesh, to go forth in the name of the devil by flying with familiars and other demons is not too far from realistic Workings in the present time.

Lucifer is found in the higher octave of the sphere of Saturn. This mighty angel[12] is a revealed source of black light, or intelligence/development/wisdom. Lucifer is also a source of brilliance, a state of gnosis from which the sabbatic practitioner emerges. It is in this highest Empyrean[13] realms of which Light is best experienced, the Air and Astral plane, from which all wind rushes about you like a tornado, where flame and sun envelopes your being and your Astral body is purified by flame.

The embodiment of Wisdom in Western occultism is view in the anthropomorphic form of Baphomet, called also the Sabbatic Goat[14]. The Baphometic Angel-Daemon who resides above a globe (solar) sphere in-between Twilight and Night, two moons, the dark (Hecate) and the light (Lilith or Yram-Satrina). To the initiate however, Lucifer or the Baphometic Spirit becomes a state which is brought forth or developed to by Going forth by Night.

The Path of spirit travel is a temporal process of self emerging from its skin to ascend in the form of shadow, thus willed to manifest in a dreaming flesh. The dreaming body is the form the psyche or ka takes in sleep, and that which flies or goes forth to the Infernal Sabbat. In the context of Witchcraft and Sorcery, the Western initiate of today holds a wealth of information to build from. Idries Shah points out in THE SUFIS that the Spanish word for Witch is Bruja, and are considered the children of wisdom. The History of Witchcraft and Primal sorcery is bound within the Yatuivdah and Dregvants[15] of Iran and Persia, within the early Zoroastrian religion. The Middle Eastern cults and sects of magical practice produced what we commonly call Magickal Paths today. What was lost or well forgotten, by some incantation or spell of remembrance, such surged forth as a Bestial Atavism – that which was dead now emerged as a Necromantic shade. By the wealth of symbolism there is indeed much to develop from – be ready to grasp that which was always slightly out of reach by dream, that fleeting moment of truth not so lightly fallen before you.

There was a group of so-called witches which were known as the Aniza Bedouin Clan. They were derived in leadership from a man known as Abu el-Atahiyya (748-c. 828), who was originally a potter but became a strong and influential writer and poet among fellow Arabs. Atahiyya had a coven or circle of disciples who were called Wise Ones, and after his death adopted the Goat as a symbol of their tribe. The torch or candle between the horns was added, signifying wisdom from the head of the teacher. The Aniza tribe also had a symbol of the wasm or tribal brand, which was a symbol which resembled a birds foot. The clan was also known for their use of the Bloodletter[16] which was called the adhdhame, or Athame. In later times, the Aniza Tribe migrated to Spain which brought some aspects of the Witch-cult to Europe.

Other Middle Eastern sects which marked themselves as walkers between worlds were the Maskhara (called also Dervishes), being a sect which were marked on the skin (mabrush) and intoxicated with the Thorn Apple, the same as Mandrake. Both contain alkaloids and cause the sensation of flying. In the Western world, the Mark of Cain is this very marking which initiated the body into the Witch-cult through the Witches Sabbat practice.

In a Left Hand Path perspective, the initiate would seek to discover what is essentially ‘real’ or tangible about his or her being, what they consider to differ them from the natural order. Once this has been established in a basic sense, the Antinomian or Luciferian vision of Rebellion is recognized and true initiation begins.

In relation to Baphomet, one must retrace the beginnings of the Aniza Tribe, which birthed the emergence of the imagery associated with the Horned Head of Wisdom.

As related in The Sufis by Idries Shah, the Arabic root FEHM (charcoal) is FHM, meaning ‘black’ or ‘wise’. This is recognizable and easily understood in an initiatory sense from the Sufic phrase, “Dar tariki, tariqat” (In the Darkness, the Path” and reflects the ideal of the Light or Wisdom coming from the darkness. The Arabic root FHM is symbolic of Baphomet, meaning Head of Wisdom. In the Knights Templar, Hugues de Payns (which translates ‘Of the Pagan’) held a Coat of Arms which had Three Saracen Heads, which resembled severed heads, indicating Wisdom.

It is also the Sufis who move against the Sun[17] which brought such practice to the West. In the Yatus cult, the darkness must be observed, absorbed and the initiate must be made to move against the path of the natural order. This by means within itself, brings experience from a vague concept of mystery, that flesh which emerges in the heart of the adept. The Sorcerer and Witch are as the Sorcerous Daemon Ahriman themselves, they stand in both darkness and light, being Lords of both horizons.

In Sufism Shaitan was the single angel, who by antinomian acts separated himself against the natural order by refusing to bow before clay which was Adam. It was the Yezidi tribe, who venerated Shaitan in the form of Malak Tauus, the Peacock Angel. In the MESHAF RESH[18] it presents Azazel as the Angel created before all others, thus the brightest star. In the Jilwa, Lucifer is presented as “Malak Tauus existed before all other creatures and was then and Now….there is no place devoid of me” thus presenting the Unnatural concept of self-illumination and intellect, Lucifer is the Adversary, who is full of life.

As Lucifer/Shaitan is Light, he does indeed hold a Shadowside. This is present in the God forms or Masks of Shaitan, being Seker, Set and Ahriman.

The Egyptian God Set[19] is a model and Neter[20] for Self-Deification, Isolation and the Adversary. The Adversary or Opposer is the shadow which reveals Light, called The Black Light of Iblis or Shaitan. This Light is inspired intellect and creative imagination. Set represents self-imposed challenge and individual development, a tester of self. An Adept uses this model for self-control and a Becoming through the Left Hand Path approach of the Adversary, the Antichrist which awakens the pscyhe in both Light and Darkness.

Set is noted for being a God which was different from all other Egyptian Gods. He was the Neter over storms, chaos and the darkness. Set, being a God of the North, was a sender of nightmares who was identical to the Greek daemon Typhon. Set was viewed as a God of such dangerous and desolate places of the earth, but at the same time was a friend to the dead. The form of Set was that of a man with the head of an Ass, or an elongated snout with Red hair. Red was traditionally the color of Set, Lucy Lamie[21] held the connection that Set-Typhon was a God form which burns and consumes, he is a Lord of the Desert. The fire concept would not be new to this deity, as Set was essentially Shaitan the Opposer/Adversary.

The Egyptian God Seker is also a God form which the sorcerer may visualize and use as a Mask of Dreaming[22]. Seker is an ancient Death-god, who was considered older than Osiris and who resided around the city of Memphis. Seker resided in the tomb and the complete darkness. Around his lands were winged serpents, demonic spirits and dragon like beings with three heads. Seker was often featured as a mummified man who had a mask of a predatory Hawk, who sat on a throne of abyssic shadow. In the story of Af Ra meeting Seker[23] in Ra-stau where he sits in the Kingdom of Death, as Death itself. It makes reference to Seker sitting in Majesty, with serpents and demonic spirits surround him. In the Book of the Dead Seker is made reference to as being ‘great god who carrieth away the soul, who eateth hearts, and who feedeth upon offal, the guardian of darkness, the god who is in the Seker boat”. This draws a comparison to the Persian-Iranian Ahriman, who was also an Opposing Sorcerous Daemon of Darkness, who by averse practices, became stronger and immortal. Set had legions of ‘devils’ called “Seba” who served the Prince of Darkness, and were known to hack and devour certain souls.

In a modern initiatory context, the magician understands the these God forms represent isolate intellect, and self-deification through antinomian acts.

Set and Seker have an interesting connection. In the XVIIth Chapter of the Book of the Dead the spirit of the deceased prays that he is kept from the Great God who devour the heart and soul, who is the Guardian of Darkness. This is revealed by E.A. Wallis Budge that this God is none other than Suti (SET). Set was the tester of the dead in this capacity, and Set tested the spirit by it’s own admission of transformation from life to death and finally, to the psyche becoming immortal. If this test failed, Set in the form of Seker, devoured the soul. Later on Seker was merged with Ptah, a Blacksmith God[24] and took the form of a mummy with a visage of an old man.

When one approaches the ancient masks of Set, Seker or the Persian Druj of the Yatuk-Dinoih understand that by diving in the Black Sun, becoming as a God in the Darkness is but the first part of crossing the abyss.

The Rite of Adversarial Shadow
-The Ensorcelment of Ahriman and the Infernal Sabbat-

The focus and intent of this ritual is the application of an ancient form of sorcery known as Yatuk Dinoih[25]. The functional practice is defined as the body of the summoner encircling/ensorceling the nightmare (called Kundak – the steed of wizards) and shadow aspects of the self. This rite is also one of the tests, that the forces of darkness embody through the practitioner and allows the isolated self-deification of the sorcerer. The very embodiment of the path.

Let the ritual be performed in a solitary place where the profane may not cast their eyes. One may seek also a place appeasing to the senses, preferably in a cemetery or crossroads. The Ritual of Adversarial Shadow is the Summoning of Ahrimanic spirits. As known, Ahriman appears in many forms throughout history, a consistent shape shifter. Be it toads, wolves or dragons/serpents, Ahriman is the Wizard in spirit – one who masters time by the dream and the twilight world made flesh by desire.

The goal of the ritual is a form of self-initiation, Adversarial Crystallization of the self, that the individual strengthens the psyche and the shadow of the sorcerer. It is the utterance of a word, the embodiment of a God or Goddess in flesh.

The Rite of the Adversarial Shadow
The Chant of the Infernal Sabbat

As I face the Star of Al ghul the two horns become one. I cast the circle as Kabed-us-spae, that within is the circumference of my divinity. By the star of Algol I bask in the brilliance of the Sun at Midnight, the Eye of Blackened Flame and Smoke, of Arimanius, dire initiator of my night and infernal dreaming path. May the Eye open within…

I call unto the shadows of the circle cast against the dawn-

Azi-Dahaka, Aeshma, Zartosht, Nasu Druj, Andar, Savar, Taprev, Astwihad fly now unto me! Kundak my steed of infernal flight come forth nightmare, guide me to the Sabbat!

Spirits of Amenta, do hear my summons
Shades of Elphame fire,
Those who arise from the vessels of night
In the serpents skin do I cloak myself
As I leap into the twilight gate
Unto the shadow world, of spectral flight
From the flesh I go forth, unbound from profane clay…
From the twilight guardian and guide,
Can then shades arise
Shall I as shadow black, ashen with the remains of the dead
Dance around the fires of the circle, against the sun to summon the smoke
O horned intiator and devils flesh
My cloak of serpent skin worn
Clothe me in the robe of AZ
In the Watchers fields of time

By Kevan, the gateway to the Sabbat, shall you arise before me- My body is a black temple, illuminated with crimson and violet brilliance. By my words carry my spirit!

The Ensorcelment of Ahriman-

I summon Ruha-AZ, crimson whore and vampire, I call the fiend Vareno who is an angel of darkness, who causes intercourse I do summon thee! I invoke thee!

In the darkness is your light. Praise unto Ahriman, Horned lord of the kingdom of shades, specter and phantom, praise unto our kingdom of dead matter and flesh.

Praise unto Ahriman, who created Andar from the smoke of the blackened flame, who in averse brilliance was both phantom and dire foulness, praise unto Ahriman, who joined in union with the Whore-Vampyre AZ, whose body is Ruha and Jeh, devour with your lips open wide, satisfy me in the dreamining flight, drop the blood of ecstasy from your devouring jaws…

Praise unto Ahriman, who created Azi-Dahaka, called Zohak the King Made Daemon! Who by dreams shall guide me into the dire mansion of shades and thorn covered thrones!

Ohrmazd sought to free all limitations, yet space could not recount Ahriman. It was shadow and darkness, nourished in the abyss, with the violet light of the Black Sun, called Al Ghul, the point of all hunger known as AZ, the crowning of the Beast. This night, as candle burns and my vessel of darkness is prepared, shall I go forth to the gathering of our spirits – thou Yatus and wondering demon – kin of mine. Druj, descend, I shall become as dragon of flesh and seed, fire, smoke and soul. Come forth now!


Further Reading- (by Michael Ford)
Yatuk Dinoih (Second Edition)
The Book of Cain
The Toad Rite
Nox Umbra

For a Presentation of Genuine Hereditary Witchcraft, please seek-
WYTCHA - A Book of Cunning by Nathaniel Harris


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[9] Luciferian is also relevant to the Egyptian God SET, Sethanic = ‘Of Set’.
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[12] Angels are considered by Abu-Hamid Mohammed Al-Ghazali to be the higher faculties of man.
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[14] Baphomet is a magickal transformation of being. Baphomet, being the Head of Wisdom, is related to Cain in some Luciferian Circles.
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[22] A Mask of Dreaming is focusing and projecting the psyche or self into the mask of the God form in question, going forth to the Sabbat masked in the cloak of the God form you are assuming. This is a development from older Golden Dawn practices and enables the mind to grow strong through understanding and experiencing on dreaming levels other significant God forms, demons and angelick spirits.
[23] The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Abode of the Blessed, edited by E.A. Wallis Budge.
[24] Tubal-Cain or Cain, the son of Samael and Lilith, was the Master of the Forge i.e. Initiation.
[25] Witchcraft or Persian Sorcery which involves developing a solitary of Spirit or Druj practice.
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Re: Black Witchcraft
The Order of Phosphorus
Opening of the Gates
A Textual Introduction of the Witches Sabbat

The Order of Phosphorus is an international guild of initiates of the Left Hand Path who are practicing and developing a unique combination of various cultural ideas of Magick and Sorcery. TOPH as it is called was formed from the Luciferian practice of Coven Maleficia in Houston, Texas and the publications of Michael W. Ford. The Order has since expanded and holds members across the USA and the UK.

The essence of Phosphorus is the Sun, or Lucifer Ascended. The God form of TOPH resides in the initiates, as being the Triad of Lucifer, Lilith and Cain. This Triad represents the sorcerous transformation of individual consciousness to a perfected manner, thus the witch becomes like Lucifer, Lilith and Cain, an isolate and self-deified being which continually seeks to strengthen the Psyche and the Will.

This presents a challenge to the initiate, to pass beyond the inviting idea of the Left Hand Path to the chaos and the storm of the Eye of Algol. Algol is the Chaos Star with the Averse Pentagram in the center, the sigil of the Luciferian Shadowed Path. Algol is a sigillic combination of Lucifer and Lilith, but also represents Ahriman and Set, Godforms of Darkness which are all images of Lucifer.

Essentially, the initiate models their own initiation after Lucifer, hungering for more and perceiving the self; falling into darkness – creating their own paradise in hell and the earth, then ascending again through the Sun as an Eternal, balanced Godform. Your challenge is internal and continual, and success depends upon your self-knowledge and Will.

This requires a development and practice of Magick and Sorcery. Black Magicians (as we sometimes call ourselves) are practitioners of sorcery who embody the Luciferian Essence, the Black Flame of individual consciousness, the drive to become and manifest their Will upon the world. The negative connotations of black magicians do not fit our intent, Work or aim, thus we tend to have a chuckle for those who hiss the name of our practice, hung over from their unshaken subconscious Christian dogma.

The Left Hand Path represents light, intellect, intelligence and self-reliance and strength. To initiate the self in stages in the Luciferian Path requires that the individual must descend through the depths of Hell and the Chthonic realms of the earth, the Abyss/Hell (which comes from the word helan which is represented as the subconscious) to strengthen the consciousness via sorcery.

Initiation can best be described as a subjective inner awakening into a mystery and that very sense of the unknown is brought to light. Mystery is not an end all, rather a starting point. Darkness is symbolized as mystery yet once the self has begun expansion, mystery reveals what one can perceive to seek it again further. The ‘otherness’ of the self, the Ka (an Egyptian term representing the astral body or shadow) is developed and formed according to the desire of the sorcerer. This ‘otherness’ of the Ka or shadow is brought in dreaming union with the Ba (the Genius or Soul) of the magician, thus in the Circle of Cain (the place of the sorcerer’s ritual workings either literal or symbolic) this mask’d dance of the living and dead is illuminated through the Black Flame within the Self.

The Witches Sabbat is the subjective gathering of the Devil in flesh, the antinomian path of Cain the initiator of witchcraft. While the Sabbat occurs in dream, at the same time it manifests in the flesh as well. Some initiates of the path choose to ritualistically perform the Sabbat gathering, which requires the interplay of imagination and self-focused desire. Such a ritual working is an example of the brilliance of the Black Flame of Azazel, as manifested through the Children of Cain. Some Sabbat Circle practitioners experience the Sabbat through dreaming, entreated through the state between sleeping and waking. It is not unusual for a practitioner to experience this rite in both dream and flesh, thus implying a play on the Mabrush practioners’ word, dhulqarnen, the “Lord of Two Centuries”, while has a deeper meaning, may refer to the initiates in the circle of the Adversary, the force of shadow and light.

The patron initiator of the circle is Cain, known as the first murderer. Cain is the son of Lucifer (Samael) and Lilith (by the body of Eve), his murdered brother Abel is the symbolic common clay representing the uninitiated self, before the Spark from the Flame of Iblis. Cain is a model of the initiate, who become in his blackened forge like him; a sorcerer and adept upon earth. In spirit the initiate, like Cain, seeks to become through the guidance of the initiatic guide, or the Luciferian Angel called in TOPH as AZAL’UCEL, the higher self.

The Adversary is presented in the Luciferian Path as sometimes the Seraphic image of Lucifer, the Patron of Phosphorus. As the Sorcerous Daemon Ahriman, who is a shape shifting Prince of Darkness who shape shifts into forms such as the wolf, toad and other animals. Another Adversarial form which is also a Patron of the Black Order of the Dragon (along with the mask of Ahriman) is the Egyptian Set. Called Set-heh (the Eternal Set), the God of Chaos and Darkness is the tester of the self, the sender of nightmares and the isolate consciousness we seek to become like. The Typhonian Work of the Black Order of the Dragon, the inner guild of The Order of Phosphorus, is focused and held in foundation on the development of Persian Witchcraft and Sorcery, including elements of Setanic practice. Due to the Averse and challenging nature of the BOTD, members of TOPH are admitted after those have passed through Grade 0º The Void and the Abyss.

In TOPH the initiatic focus is to become through the model of Lucifer/Satana, or Lilith. This is the Fiery and Solar based path of Cain, who is the Devil or Black Man of the Sabbat. Each sorcerer will seek to continually develop their own life to reflect this passing of the Lightning bolt, that which fell from heaven into the flesh of your waking body. The Star-Lit path of TOPH is ALGOL, the twin force of Shaitan and Lilith. The Ghoul Star or Satan’s Head as Algol is called is the herald of the Luciferian Flame of self-deification. The Witches Sabbat, High and Low Sorcery, Dream Projection and the Black Magick of Self-Deification are all areas of practice in TOPH.

In BOTD the initiatic focus is to strengthen the self and becoming a practitioner of Yatuk-Dinoih, Persian Witchcraft. This is the path of the Beast, the Ahrimanic Dragon and the Crimson Whore-Goddess AZ-Jeh, called Lilith. The embodiment of the Azhdeha or Thuban is the Star-lit path of the Yatuvidah (those skilled in Yatus-sorcery) and Pairikas (female witches). The shadow path of sorcery is developed here, Left Hand Path Sex Magick, Vampyrism and Lycanthropy, Shape Shifting and Goetic/Infernal transformative Black Witchcraft are manifested in the BOTD.

We drink from the Sun at Midnight, the blood congealed under a pale moon. We drink from the ecstasies of the Qlippoth, and leave strengthened and whole. We seek to go forth in the night in the form of the beast, drinking from the waters under the Moon. We devour paradise and bathe in the blood of the moon.

Our brothers are Yatus, Sorcerers of Ahrimanean Witchcraft; our sisters are Pairikas, daughters of AZ. We are the People of the Lie (Druj/Dev), we are the those of demon-flesh – awakened and ancient, forever seeking to further illuminate the Black Flame. Our religion is Sorcery, that which is ensorcelled by our practice of Yatuk-Dinoih (Witchcraft). We do not kill or harm people; life is the great gift of Ahriman, as isolate consciousness (the soul or psyche) is separate from the Natural Order. The BOTD is entirely spiritual in nature, aimed at the theory of gaining immortality via the psyche.

Being an inner initiatory guild of sorcerers who are focused on self-transformation via Left Hand Path practice, the BOTD is the inner circle coven of The Order of Phosphorus. The foundation of the BOTD may be found in NOX UMBRA and the YATUK DINOIH by Michael W. Ford. These grimoires explore and present a model for personal sorcery through the practice of Yatuk-Dinoih and Abhikarikam (averse & unholy sorcery). The process of developing and exploring the spheres of the Persian Sorcery, Qlippothic Magick and European folklore in relation to vampyrism and lycanthropy allows the initiate to move according to their own desire.

The Grade structure of TOPH is based on an initiatory system of self-developmental progression.

0º Void and the Abyss

The initiate has chosen to begin the process of transformation and separation from the natural order. During the beginnings in 0º the self is torn down and with the spark that is the Black Flame of Shaitan is the self thrown down into the abyss. During this period, the initiate will begin a study of various Luciferian avenues of sorcerous practice based on their own inner drive and desire. The stay in the Void and the Abyss is based upon the initiate in question – some move fast depending on their past studies, some will take up to 12 Months to be ready for the self-illumination of the Circle of Cain.

Iº The Blackened Forge of Cain

This is the Grade of which the initiate emerges from common clay to the Luciferian essence of Azazel, the Awakening of Cain. The knowledge of the practice of Sorcery and Witchcraft will be tested in the Grade of the Forge of Cain, their own self-determined system of sorcery will be strengthened by further antinomian practice under the patronage of the Daemons of the Path, being Cain, Lilith and Lucifer. Entry into The Black Order of the Dragon is considered at this time, wherein the practitioner is led into the blackened chaos of the dragon and the possibilities of self-deification. This is also the Grade of when communion is brought with ones Initiatic Familiar, or Congressus cum Daemone, the Angelic Initiatic Spirit.

IIº The Witches Sabbat

The Grade of the Witches Sabbat is a transformation process of when the Yatus/Pairikas has become an Adept in the practice of Magick, thus has become through their own Work a force of Order from which they may exude Chaos according to their own Will. This is the Grade of the mastery of the black arts and the developmental practice of the Black Man of the Sabbat – or the Lilitu of the Circle. The self is thus able to initiate and illuminate a fire in others by dreaming.

IIIº The Adversary

This is the highest public Grade of TOPH, and represents a Two Fold State of Being. The Initiate as Cain or Naamah (Cain’s Sister-Wife) has Deified the Self in the advanced practice of sorcery, and has been able to initiate accordingly. The Adversary is the Dual Headed Daemon, which resides both in the Noon tide Sun and Midnight, thus is both able to create through Darkness and Light. This is the Source of Magickal Power, and the possibility of self through the Eye of Set-heh, Lucifer Rises thus in the Initiate who has mastered and created forms of Black Magick and Luciferian Sorcery.

The path of initiation is not an easy one, it tests and tempts the initiate to take the wrong step, of which the devouring dragon rather than encircles, consumes and leaves a shell or fragment. The initiate of TOPH and BOTD must be of the Witch Blood, that already existent inner spark which is mirrored as the Illuminated Brilliance of the Emerald Djinn of Flame, or the Blackest Fire of Lilith and Cain.

Those who are interested in The Order of Phosphorus further may send a letter or e-mail to the following. Please direct all correspondence based on the relevance of Initiatic practice.

P.O. Box 926344
Houston, TX 77292
E-Mail – Yatukdinoih@aol.com
Website- [link to algol.chaosmagic.com]
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 03:53 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Even more religious fanaticism.
Michael Ford (OP)
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11/24/2005 03:53 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Invocation of the Adversary
By Akhtya Seker Arimanius (Michael Ford) October 2002

The following is a ritual which may be conducted when the Sun is at its full light, or when the Moon is full or dark, as the essence of Iblis be finally revealed. The purpose of the ritual is invoking the spirit of the Adversary, known as Shaitan/Iblis, Satan, Lucifer, Set, Azazel….

The sorcerer shall seek the fire-spirit of change, rebellion and progression. The symbol of Set the Adversary shall take the earthen form of the Devil, the solar creative (and destructive) force of change and self-deification.

There are two primary faces of the Adversary. The celebrant may construct as mask of two sides, which shall be placed upon the center of the altar.

One- The Fallen Seraph Lucifer, the angelick essence of the Black Flame, the very source of our wisdom, being and becoming.

Two – The Seraph of Flame, the Djinn Iblis of Fire, Daemon of the Blackened Flame, serpent – beast – dragon – wolf – goat. Satanas is the devil-cloaked initiator of the path of the wise, those who laugh at the warnings of a cringing society.

Robe thyself in crimson, the color of flame and movement. The symbol of the averse pentagram, being downward pointing to indicate the union of the fallen angels with humanity to create divinity. In the Sethian Witchcraft Current the sorcerer becomes as SET him/herself, thus in the circle the first of Witchblood unto the path.


Invocation of the Djinn of Fire

Ya! Zat-i-Shaitan!

O’ ring of flame, scorching sun of the sun’s height
Scorpion soul, who arises as the Sun at Noon

Sekak Sekak, Iasokilam

I speak now unto the Sun, from the fires of growth and illumination
That in your pride and knowledge of self may I become as
I summon your essence in this Noontide Hour, to the Scorpion Flame
Al-Saiphaz, Al-Ruzam,
At the point of the Crossroads, when the Sun is high I do speak thy words of power

Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas
Zrozo Zoas Nanomiala Hekau Zrazza
Sabai infernum

I shall transcend and ascend above all things, myself may only strengthen in this light
In this hour I illuminate, I burn with the glory of Luciferian Light – Within!
Above the Throne of Azothoz is the entering fire ring of Set-heh, Adversary of the Nine Gates and Seven Points of the Dragon!

I go now between and beyond, within and without!


Ya! Zat-i-Shaitan!

By the Gate of the Black Light, when I name the words against the Sun
O’ Fire Djinn Azazel, Set-heh, I summon thee forth with Serpent’s tongue,
That my oath before this blackened flame, ignited within.
In the dreaming aethyr shall I be known in the wisdom of the Moon

Al Zabbat, Hekas Hekau, Serpent Soul do I summon
Raise now from thy Black Light, that I see what has been never known

Akharakek Sabaiz

I call forth the Shadow of which I am and have always been,
The darkness which I nourish in between the light
Eclipse now the face of God that I become in this darkened image-
By this circle I do become
By the flame I do emerge
I am by form the Peacock Angel beauty revealed unto those who may see
As the Black Sun rises, I become in this emerald stone
I am the Imagination, the Seed of Fallen Angel
In darkness exists my Light
My Will gives birth to the kingdom of Incubi and Succubi, the nourish their desires in the blood of the moon, Lilitu Az Drakul

So it is done!


The Ritual of the Adversary is a dual rite which explores, encircles and announces command over the entire approximation of self. While the rite is called for as one being conducted at both Noon and Midnight, the sorcerer may choose to conduct both the Noon (Light) and Midnight (Darkness) points at both hours, as an further focused point of ensorcelled energy may be raised. This is considering the embodiment of the self is within the perpetual mastery of the psyche in reference to the model of Shaitan. It is essential that the magician looses all perception of anything outside of the circle, that being enflamed and submerged in gnosis, the circle is the circumference of the sorcerers´ world. That the ritual is a success is the subjected ´turning the knife towards oneself´ in the area of self-directed and willed energy. The Ritual of the Adversary, in conjunction with the Lord´s Prayer Averse (used in certain Luciferian Covens to summon the Devil-Cain) provides a powerful foundation for self-deification in the Witches Sabbat Gnosis.
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 03:53 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Satanalists piss off!
Try to recrute your children sacrificers elsewhere!
Michael Ford (OP)
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United States
11/24/2005 03:53 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
An Invocation to Azal’ucel
The Angelick Luciferian Initiator
By Michael W. Ford

I am the Daimon who speaks the words of the Immortal Fire, the Holy Flame which emerges from the Lightning Flash and Storm of Chaos bred, so this the angel-serpent shall come forth with the Birthing Knife shedding into storm of Seth!

Spirit of which the Fallen have taken Strength, Isolate and Beautiful,

Angelic Essence, Azal’ucel, from which came into being Cain

I do invoke thee!


Devil-Djinn of the Burning Desert sands and the Sun, Sortha’n-din – thy stave and fork unto the flame that is my soul shall be illuminated in this blackened light. Shaitan the Adversary, my soul enflamed! Arogogoruabrao – THIAF!


Lucifer revealed as Azazel, bringer of illumination and love, who resides in shadow and light, cover and cloak my spirit with thy twelve wings, serpent skin covered from the shedding of the Dragon, bring now forth the serpent essence of my soul! Melek Tau’us, beautiful spirit of Fire, I summon thee forth! PHOTETH


Set-heh, isolator and strengthening force of Storms, that chaos which I have tempered in thy elegance of darkness. I go forth and become as the Eye of Algol, separate and alone in my being. Typhon, present unto me the Tcham knive from which I shall stand forth in my dreaming and waking! Sender of Nightmares ascend through me! OOO


Let now the Serpent encircle me, Leviathan the Coiling Dragon of timeless being. I summon your essence unto me! Great chthonic daemon of endless being, I seek to drink deep of your cup and behold the mysteries of the depths! MRIODOM

Aoth, Sabaoth, Atheleberseth, Abraoth!

By the very circle of which I build – I walk unto the crown of Lucifer – that Emerald which shine the essence of Heaven and Hell. That Angelickan Watcher of the Sun shall come now forth to join with the Ahrimanic Shadow, that Angel and Daemon are Joined!

I walk unto the Umbrarum Rex, the Kingdom of Shades and the Ghost Roads – Open the Gates unto me!

Guardian of Flaming Sword and Corpse-King of the Scepter – Open forth the Anubian Way to me! I behold the center of the Eight – Rayed Black Sun – My essence unto Seth!

Azal’ucel! I invoke the Bornless Baphometic Spirit of Fire!

Commentary to the Rite of Azal’ucel

The Ritual of ‘An Invocation to Azal’ucel, the Angelick Luciferian Initiator’, the system employed is one of summoning up the angelic and daemonic spirit within the self – the “True Will” by means of a mask of Luciferian Witchcraft. The very methods themselves are contained in the calling of the four directions – each a component of higher illumination of self; which is combined with the Bestial/Demonic with the Angelic. This is the center of balance which was often deemed necessary in the Workings of Abramelin Magick; which issues control over daemonic forces within and beyond the self. Azal´Ucel is a sigillic word formula of Azazel and Lucifer to combine the ancient middle eastern with the western idea of what the bringer of light may or may not be.

Aleister Crowley’s excellent and useful Liber Samekh explores this system entirely, however in a modern context is rather long. It may be suggested that this particular role of Magickal Invocation should still be employed; this version of the summoning of the HGA is simplified to a short, concise and effective version which may be memorized easily. In the Luciferian work, the practitioner is focusing on widdershins around the Triple Hermetic Circle, or one of his or her own design, from which the quarters may be called. The Grand Sabbatic Circle may be employed also to effective and concise approach to this Magick of self-initiation and transformation. In regard to Egyptian and medival daemonic summons, a connection therein may be observed.

The Circle Casting is one of which the individual proclaims his and her mastery over their own being, that by moving widdershins around the circle will enflame the self during invocation; that is to envision each manifestation via minds’ eye with each call. For instance, when one calls South, they would envision the Fire Djinn, in the North, Seth. This is the key to the success of magical work; the Imagination.

South – the Devil-Djinn mentioned is Shaitan or Azazel, the fallen seraph whom is made entirely of flame. It is this original legend which brought forth the separation of the God-divinity or natural order to an adversarial or antinomian process of anti-order. The mentioning of “Blackened Light” is the Light of Azazel, or Shaitan embodied on earth through Cain, the initiator of the Sethanic Path of Witchcraft.

East – Lucifer as Azazel in the earthbound form, the mentioning of twelve wings in reference to the Serpent Angel. Lucifer is the Freedom of Will from which the individual may seek to strengthen and illuminate the self in ones own discovered light, or Black Flame.

North – The Cold North is the direction of not only Cain as the Lord of Horsemen, but also of Set-heh the Adversary. Set is the Egyptian God of Chaos, Storms and Darkness. The isolator, Set is the adversarial god of change, strength and sufficiency through the Will. Within various witchcraft circles Cain is considered the offspring of Samael and Lilith, thus being the SAME as Baphomet. The Angelic/Demon Higher Spirit of Cain is Azal’ucel, which is reflected in this very rite of self-empowerment. It is through Set that all upon the Luciferian Path pass through, in the skin of Cain or otherwise.

West – A calling to Leviathan, the Dragon essence which is immortal, or eternal. The encircling of Leviathan is a Will directed focus of the individuals being or “I” announcing the forced antinomian separation from the natural order, and through Leviathan grows strong in this circle of timeless being. The mysteries of the depths is revealed as knowledge and wisdom of the subconscious. By tapping into the subconscious, one is able to master their own individual life therein.

The reference to the Angelickan Watcher of the Sun and the Ahrimanic Shadow is based in the Vessels or Fetishes of the Bestial and Angelick Atavisms and familiars. By exteriorizing ones Adversarial aspects of “I” and “Being” one may objectively view the essence of self, manifest its strengths again in the union of flesh and mind.

The Guardian of Flaming Sword and Corpse-King of the Scepter is in reference to the illustration by Elda Isela Ford, based on passing through the ‘As Above, So Below’ forces of the Sethanic Path unto the Luciferian Star sometimes called ALGOL.
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 03:54 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Satanalists piss off!
Try to recrute your children sacrificers elsewhere!
Michael Ford (OP)
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11/24/2005 03:56 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
[link to www.lulu.com]

Michael Ford

Succubus Publishing, Left Hand Path and Luciferian writings of Michael W. Ford. LIBER HVHI - Magick of the Adversary Luciferian Witchcraft both available now.

Web Site: algol.chaosmagic.com
Address: P.O. Box 926344
Houston, Texas 77292
United States

LIBER HVHI, the awaited grimoire of the Luciferian Path is now published containing the infernal rites of the Qlippoth, an extensive ideological and magical system presenting a grounded and understandable form of working with the Qlippothic Tree of Da’ath and tunnels. The second part of the grimoire is based on the ritualistic inversions of the Avestan texts and the forbidden path of Predatory Spiritualism. LIBER HVHI contains the 22 spheres of the Infernal Qlippoth, the methods of filling and draining those “shells” and the Luciferian Rites of the Supper of Cain, symbolic of the first Satanist from the ancient Hebrew texts relating to the devouring process from a symbolic and ritualistic approach. The second half of Liber HVHI is the workings based on the demonology of the Avestan texts and ancient persian sorcery and predatory spirituality.
From: $14.95

Luciferian Witchcraft
Luciferian Witchcraft is a complete grimoire of Left Hand Path initiation. Many books have been written of the so-called left hand path, very few actually were written by initiates. Beginning with a lengthy exploration of the forms of the Adversary throughout history, a foundation of ideology is given by identification with the Adversary. The reader is then led through dark and twisting corridors with Four Chapters, a complete system of the History of the Adversary and the Witchcraft associated with the Left Hand Path. What is found within Luciferian Witchcraft is a Talismanic text which presents the medieval concepts of the Black Book being a conjuration itself of the Devil, a complete initiatory system detailing High Ceremonial Magick, The lore of the Adversary and ritualistic and forbidden sex magick. Approach with caution, you may open the gates of hell within…
From: $18.61
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 03:57 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Satanalists piss off!
Try to recrute your children sacrificers elsewhere!
M. Ford (OP)
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11/24/2005 03:57 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
If you are not interested in this info, then why bother reading this thread?
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 03:58 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
I didn´t read it anyway.

Satanalists piss off!
Try to recrute your children sacrificers elsewhere!
Michael (OP)
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11/24/2005 04:03 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
My music can be found here:

Michael Ford (OP)
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Visit the Psychonaut 75 LIVE JOURNAL at [link to www.livejournal.com]

Visit the Psychonaut 75 MYSPACE at: [link to www.myspace.com]
M. Ford (OP)
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Re: Black Witchcraft
>Try to recrute your children sacrificers elsewhere

What does "recrute" mean?
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 04:08 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
but don´t tell me you didn´t know that.
Michael (OP)
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11/24/2005 04:30 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
My messages are only for the select.

YOU know who YOU are..
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 04:42 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
M.Ford (OP)
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11/24/2005 05:12 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
No spam

I posted enlightening original articles,possibly disturbing to your rigid reality [...]
Sheriff Swaggart

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11/24/2005 05:18 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Anonymous Coward
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11/24/2005 05:24 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
stone who?
Sheriff Swaggart

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11/24/2005 05:26 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
no Ford, 213 prolly´ doesen´t want people to know about this.
M.Ford (OP)
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11/24/2005 07:54 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
Like I said prior, not for the ignorant.
Anyone wanting further info can see my website(s).

User ID: 14217
11/24/2005 07:55 PM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
This time I gladly am ignorant.
I am here to challenge your indoctrinated false belief that flaming queens don't use shovels ...
M.Ford (OP)
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11/25/2005 07:58 AM
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Re: Black Witchcraft
User ID: 118
7:54 pm EST Re: Black Witchcraft

Like I said prior, not for the ignorant.
Anyone wanting further info can see my website(s).

You may email me as well