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Many Australians don't care about global warming any more

the boy who cried wolf
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04/29/2012 07:17 PM
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Many Australians don't care about global warming any more
For many years, environmental activists have been making dire predictions of certain calamity caused by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The lack of climate catastrophes caused by carbon dioxide has now led to those activists being put into the category of "the boy who cried wolf".

Many Australians are sick of hearing wild doom predictions that do not happen. Many Australians are fed up with being told that their normal daily activities are in fact environmental vandalism that will certainly destroy the whole planet real soon now.

The backlash has started, with many Australians no longer believing the claims of the environmental activists. If only the activists had tried to fix real problems instead of wasting their time trying to get governments to implement a useless worldwide carbon tax, which will not fix the problem, it will just lead to more taxation of citizens.

The truly sad part is that those zealous activists have not only destroyed the credibility of the environmental movement, they haven't even noticed yet. They sit in their echo chambers telling each other how they are right and anybody who even asks a polite question about their theories is labeled as a "global warming denier" and denigrated mercilessly.

If only they had tried to fix real problems instead of chasing the phantasm of Global Warming Caused By Human Release Of Carbon Dioxide. Just think, they might have actually done something useful to reduce or stop some damage to the environment. What a pity.

"CONCERN for the environment has dwindled into a ''middling'' issue that many people do not have strong feelings about, a major study into Australian attitudes towards society, politics and the economy has found.

People's concerns about industrial pollution, climate change, renewable energy and depletion of energy resources plummeted when compared with an identical study in 2007, with only logging and habitat destruction remaining among the top 25 issues of concern to Australians."

[link to www.smh.com.au]