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Message Subject So how bad is Fukushima Reactor 4? Here is brand new video from inside. ELE is coming folks. Dig in!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You nor anyone on either side really believes the situation in Fuku is that bad.
There are 55 nuke plants in Japan 200+ reactors all capable of being as damaged as fuk u especially if you believe e.q. weapon and stuxnet created this disaster.

Oh wait there are 1000's of reactors worldwide God only knows how many have mox fuel.
So either nuclear power plants are 101% safe or we ensured our mutual destruction without war or the E.T's tricked us into destroying our planet.

Oh wait even without death by radiation we have countless poisons from 10s of 1000's very dangerous oil rigs to chemobioweapons dangerous chem plants...

Oh wait the Govt and Big Biz are planning to kill us all in mass anyways right?

Well sure looks like it. I tell ya rad poisoning as truly horrible way to die...worse than fire, eaten alive. Give me nuke blast!

We don't believe it because it is unbelievable!!!
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