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Message Subject So how bad is Fukushima Reactor 4? Here is brand new video from inside. ELE is coming folks. Dig in!
Poster Handle SwampWitch
Post Content
Game Over. The expert has spoken ladies and gentlemen.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 801546

You're R I G H T!

I AM an expert - at being Human, at living a healthy Life, at KNOWING when I have run up on 'something' I cannot adequately SHIELD myself and my children/grandchildren against.

Have you no Instinct? no knowledge? no books on the subject available to you?
Do you live in a dream world, where nothing affects your physical body?
Do you think you, your kids, their kids, are invincible?

Maybe you also believe your grandchildren will be "X-Men" Super Human Super Heroes...'thanks' to Fukushima!?

You are a F O O L if you think Fukushima has no effect on
Y O U,
your C H I L D R E N,
your G R A N D C H I L D R E N!

Then again - maybe you just don't CARE.
Typical 21st Century "parent" .... obviously.
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