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Message Subject So how bad is Fukushima Reactor 4? Here is brand new video from inside. ELE is coming folks. Dig in!
Poster Handle T-1000
Post Content
Cheer up, it won't be all bad. Remember, there are always good mutations also...maybe some will end up with x-men type powers. Hopefully one of the will be equipped with the intelligence to fix this shit.
 Quoting: T-1000 1532961

Cheer Up?
Seriously?! Are you Nuckin' Futs?!
"X-Men Powers?!"
Are you *really* fuckin' JOKING about the LIVES of kindergarteners and First Graders being in jeopardy?!

Shit fire & save matches!!
Even my 6 year old grandson (Who will DIE from Fukushima, you FUCK! -or do you even care about that FACT!?-) knows that
'X-Men' is a freakin' C A R T O O N!!

See?! S E E why we are in the state we're in??
Dumb fucks like YOU have killed us off, and you've done it in total, complete IGNORANCE - never having a fuckin' CLUE.

 Quoting: SwampWitch

Are you fuckin insane? We're on the same team here. But the reality is...THERE AIN'T A GODDAMN THING EITHER OF US CAN DO TO STOP IT.

If this goes down like some are predicting(And I really have no clue what the fuck is going to happen. I'm not a nuclear technician, an inept japanese government, or a docile, apparently braindead jap citizen so FUCK YOU for inferring I am somehow responsible!), my kids, family and I will die also.

I guess the difference between us is I will use my time making the best I can of it and sometimes that will include humor.

I will not die terrified and flipping the fuck out like you apparently will.

I will have at least an ounce of dignity when I check out of this motherfucker.
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