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Message Subject So how bad is Fukushima Reactor 4? Here is brand new video from inside. ELE is coming folks. Dig in!
Poster Handle Atom-Boy
Post Content
Hey Atom Boy. Last I heard from you told me that they are backfilling the area below SPF4 with concrete, like I recommended.

 Quoting: ehecatl

Do you checked the Tepco Files:
[link to www.tepco.co.jp]

In one of the Attachments is a Blueprint
where you can see that the Surrounding of the Pool
is now filled up with Concrete!

You can't see this in the Photos, as far as i know.

Do you really belief in the Jimbob Story with a
Involvement of the Moassad?

Don;t do so, it is pure Bs.!
There is not even a hint of truth in his Story!

Not even a Nuance!
 Quoting: Atom-Boy

I looked over the Tepco propaganda AB and did not see anything too specific. Fact is, if they do not build a complete solid concrete block under and around the spent fuel pool, then they have not done enough. By the photo at the head of this post, it looks like there are still areas which could collapse. I'm not real hot on faith, and much less so for Tepco.
 Quoting: ehecatl

So, you want the Pool sitting on a massive Concrete Table?

You are thinking that parts of the Pool could collapse
and not the whole?

I thing this is possible only in Nightmares and not
in reality but i am not an Architect and can't calculate
Stability, i need to trust them,
the same like before when they managed the whole Plant!

In a few Weeks/ Months they will put a huge Caterpillar
on top for the removable of the Fuel Rods,
until the Rods are removed and safe/er i cant sleep well!

Also i think that i would not escape one more Time
in the case something really bad happen in Daiichi,
there are too many things to do for me here!

I can't let the vulnerable Children here dieing in Pain,
alone in the dark and without any comfort and joy!
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