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If there is an election how long

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User ID: 3326120
United States
04/30/2012 12:28 AM
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If there is an election how long
will it take a new president to undo all that Obama has done?
If you break my wings, I will just find a cloud and learn to fly again. The Lord will catch you when you fall or teach you to fly! May the footprints I leave lead you to BELIEVE.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/30/2012 12:39 AM
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Re: If there is an election how long
A competent leader can turn the country around in a matter of months. That doesn't mean everything will be perfect that quick, but everyone will know we're on the way to a harmonious world.

If you study American history, there is a clear ideological similarity between the first national bank set up by George Washington and a Congress of over 20 founders, to the second national bank, Lincoln's greenbacks, FDR's infrastructure building and safety net, to JFK's science driver and Executive Order 11110.

No American, or human being for that matter, should be forced to settle for less than a scientifically competent, visionary leader with the historical and economic knowledge necessary to promote a credit system guaranteeing opportunity for all producers of tangible commodities as well as massive leaps forward in productive potential with infrastructure projects like NAWAPA.

We should be on the moon in five years, mars in ten, and looking beyond the solar system in thirty. We should be mining asteroids, building a space elevator, deploying the most advanced scientific instrumentation, activating idle factories for production of agricultural machinery, deploying weather modification to stop drought rather than as a weapon of war, and generally speaking putting an end to things like hunger. All of this is readily achievable in the short term, and no one should respect any leader that aims to deliver anything less.

Elections won't offer you any such opportunity, however.