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Message Subject The whole truth...
Poster Handle BRIEF
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 Quoting: Major_Payne

Doubt they show a profit, but I assumed you understood that I was asking for a social program...ya know, sorta inline with the thread subject?
 Quoting: BRIEF

Why would the Gov. need to run something for a profit? If the Gov has a Social Program it would be for the people, making a profit would just be profiting off of ourselves. How about Medicare it only has an Administrative cost of 2% compared to Private insurers running at about 20%. Social Security is still a great success but you wouldn't know it listening to Republicans.
 Quoting: Major_Payne

Social insecurity/medicare/medicade is a scam that rips off hard working Americans to under pay and screw doctors for next to nothing benefits...

The elderly seem to think it works just fine. just try to take it off of them. As for Doctors I would rather see someone become a doctor because they have a desire to help humanity over someone who does it for the money.

They do, but when a person has to spend a million dollars in schooling and whatnot, including malpractice insurances...they need to earn big bucks...and the government is constantly changing the rules and what drugs are covered, making people choose between the medication that works vs eating, or one that sucks...

People like me should be able to opt out because SS won't be around for me to draw from, yet I pay in a ton to keep it going right now...the fund is bankrupt.
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