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Message Subject The 236th anniversary of the Bavarian Illuminati marks the foundation of the "One World" Trade Center
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
true fact.

1776 has NOTHING to do with the USA and patriotism.

It signifies with birth of the "new atlantis" and its role in the novos ordos seclorum (NWO).

Of course they tied the mayan calendar in this as well...exactly one month after the bavarian illuminati was founded, the mayan calendar began it's 8th katun of the final baktun cycle.

In other words there were 12 left = hence the 12 steps remaining on the pyramid of the dollar (the first step of 13 signifies the year of 'birth' 1776) which countdown in cycles of 7200 day periods each...to the end of this year.

They've known this since 1500s at the latest...Bacon wrote about America's destiny as the 'new atlantis' in the early 1600's. In fact some date his writing to beginning in 1618 which is the precise year the final baktun began.
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