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What GLP would say.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/01/2012 03:13 AM
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What GLP would say.
The thing that worries me... so deeply and profoundly, it actually detaches me from society and leads me to anxiety and sadness. The nature of things within cultural norms. Majority of people within this world don't have access to the internet, aren't capable of a minor education. An overwhelming majority of people who do have access to the internet, refuse to see the truth, refuse to learn, accept ignorance in lieu of intellectual liberation. The sad thing is... people don't see the correlation to consciousness and information, and they hold themselves to the illusions of competition, and social norms, in order to feel connected. I'm considered delusional, in a mentally handicapped society, who hasn't learned to walk, much less run. I foresee an empire ending because of this, not because it's their fault, their refusal to see the truth, but because the environment conditioned them so. If there comes a day, where global abundance is reached, and water shortage is a thing of the past, poverty and wealth disparity doesn't exist, I will be grateful, yet surprised we accomplished this. When all this shit breaks down... people will see the truth.