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Taste Your Freedom The Film

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United States
05/01/2012 08:35 AM
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Taste Your Freedom The Film

Demonstrations in Montreal escalating

Taste Your Freedom has been closely monitoring the ongoing situation in the streets of Montreal which began some eleven weeks ago beginning with students all across the province protesting tuition hikes. At one point 200,000 students peacefully took to the streets in a mass demonstration against the hikes which the provincial government headed by a very stubborn Premier (Jean Charest) and (strictly unilingual French) Minister of Education Line Beauchamp both of them refusing to negotiate with students. To this date they have not entered into any concrete discussions with the representatives of the student body.

This evening, prompted by numerous social networking threads on FaceBook, I posted the following subjective and opinionated commentary which is a collective composite of what I am hearing on the streets of Montreal and seeing in social networking sources - these words are my interpretations and do not necessarily reflect my own opinions.. Those of us who are connected in one way or another to the pulse of our increasingly troubled society are not surprised that the student demonstrations have both turned violent (only a small proportion of the demonstrators indulge in crimes of violence and vandalism) and now involve many social issues - they are growing and festering into a general malaise about the social condition. All the while production on Taste Your Freedom continues.

[link to www.tasteyourfreedomthefilm.com]

Taste Your Freedom The Film

A Documentary Film by Kirk Bennett
All events are empty by virtue of their empty essence;
All events are immaculately pure in their origin;
All events are all-embracing clear light;
All events transcend suffering spontaneously;
All events are manifestly perfect Buddhahood.