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Message Subject Unfinished Pyramid of the Illuminati, May 20th, 2012, THE PLEAIDIAN ECLIPSE OF THE ANTI CHRIST.
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Take a breath Mikey...you're gonna explode.

Your tantrum is unbecoming of you.

You make good points but your fear is baseless and coming from an unbalanced perception.

'New Age'? Are you kidding me, this information is as OLD as written/carved record.

What do you fear is coming, Mikey?


Or the Prophesies?


Where does it all lead in the Bible, the Final Chapter?

If you are what you call 'Christian' Mikey, then you should believe the Bible was written by Divine means.

That includes Revelation.

Therefore, if you attempt to stop, hinder, hamper said prophesies...wouldn't that go directly against 'Gods' Will?


The Gathering of the '144,000' continues...
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