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Message Subject Gundersen: Move south of equator if Unit 4 fuel pool goes dry Like cesium from all 800 nuclear bombs ever dropped on Earth, except all at once
Poster Handle citizenperth
Post Content
and. as for Fukushima? take it out of the hands of
the Japanese and put it under the control of the U.N.,
who will initially establish a 1 billion dollar fund (just for starters) to bring the most important scientists and
engineers on the planet to bear on this problem and
begin all of the the very best REMEDIAL action we can
possibly come up with to contain this MONSTER, so that
the Planet can continue on with it's relentless march to greatness.
 Quoting: there ain't no God

agreed... the incompetence is absolutely obvious..... they have no clue what to do, and are cleansing their own people and the entire planet.... if not already to late there needs to be international intervention, which i assume now is not far off... or do the PTB actually beleive or know that myan calandar ends this year and they don't care.... either way, it is interesting to note that the chernobyl core is still melting.... put 2 and 2 together.......

mind you... from what i gather after 12 + months... not a real percentage care, or choose to care...
 Quoting: citizenperth

"i wait for my dialectic from my 2.5 hour conversation with mosuchuki iori, his family and friends are still in fukushima prefecture.... when you hear what he had to say... you will be stunned.. amazing.. honestly......"

granny We're still waiting for your report. Cough it up, Shitface! granny
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12562443

easier to chat with him directly, i messed up the audio (not me the software), but if you are honest in wanting to talk with him, i have the details...
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