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Why the media ignored Ron Paul

User ID: 15515662
05/04/2012 09:51 AM
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Why the media ignored Ron Paul
This is the truth stripped of all the tin foil.

Ron Paul got a MUCH better handling by the press than he really deserved. They actually gave him a pretty good run mostly just because they love a horse race. Truth is, they could've had him laughed off the stage at the start if they'd been a little more flinty-hearted and actually scrutinized a lot of his very quiet planks that they, in fact, discreetly avoided just to give the guy his chance.

Simply put: many of RP's policies make absolutely no sense at all, even to Republicans. I'm not talking about the "good stuff" like ending endless military intervention. Despite the conspiracy theories that the Military/Industrial complex muted him, there is plenty enough ammo in his lesser mentioned agenda to sink the poor guy.

e.g., He wants to sell ALL government owned land (every scrap) to private business. I don't think the grizzly bears are going to get a fair hearing at the SHELL stockholders meeting, do you? Anyone in favor of felling every single tree in the country for cash? Ron doesn't care. Business is business. Nuclear plant next to your house? Go for it. If you die, you can always sue. Or think of your own scenario.

Then there's his desire to eliminate government agencies that regulate the safety of food, transport and a host of other societal activities with a "buyer beware" philosophy.

No - he didn't want to replace Federal control with State control. He wanted NO controls. Just market forces.

Here the idea is that if a restaurant kills 18 people with botulism then it'll go out of business automatically and the owners will get sued (assuming they have any money). Cool. Pity people have to die first though, isn't it? What the hell. Life is a gamble, right?

Or before I board that red-eye flight I'm gonna want to personally breathalyze the pilot, interview the chief mechanic and have a guided tour of the plane's main components and check out the air traffic control tower. Oh, and the other 278 passengers will also want to do so too. No reason for them to trust my opinion, right? (3 months later the plane takes off).

Ron never did, and never will stand a chance.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2452480
United States
05/04/2012 10:07 AM
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Re: Why the media ignored Ron Paul
Yeah...Ron Paul is the wacko....cause the government we have now does it SOOOO much better. Fuck off shill.