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First grader suspended for sexual harassment

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United States
05/05/2012 01:23 AM
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First grader suspended for sexual harassment
In Aurora, Colorado, a first-grader was suspended for sexual harassment after singing a line from an LMFAO song to a girl in his grade. “I’m sexy and I know it,” D’Avonte Meadows crooned. He was thrown out of school for harassment because the school’s discipline code reads that his behavior had “negative effects on the learning or work of others.”
 Quoting: [link to www.breitbart.com]

[link to www.breitbart.com]

Okay so who was the fucking asshole again who, in response to my 1957 vs 2010 thread, said that only "paranoid nutjobs" believed things were really as bad today as the message suggested? Yeah, that liberal apologist swine can go fuck himself.

Granted, the writer of the joke would've had a hard time finding a 1950s equivalent of a little black thug-in-the-making singing "I'm sexy and I know it" in a first grade classroom (such is the nature of this fine upstanding 13% of our US population), but I'm speaking more of the charge itself. Sexual harassment??? From a kid so young he probably plays with dolls? Are you kidding me?

But then, this is the nature of our fine upstanding liberal population, isn't it? Call the FBI when a good talking-to would suffice. Put someone on hardcore medications when a modicum of discipline will do. Suspend a first grader for singing lyrics that neither he, nor his "victim", could possibly understand; not fully understand, anyway.

Thank you, liberals. America is such a better place under your wise stewardship.