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Sustained Aerosol Campaign Over Tasmania
Posted on October 27, 2012

A Tasmanian resident wrote to us. Tasmania is an island 240
kilometres to the south of Australia:

I want to report a small flurry of chemtrails in northern Tasmania,
over the past month. It seems to be over now. I haven't seen a
chemtrail for a few days now. It is very unusual to get trails here.
This was certainly the first sustained campaign I've seen in the
two years I've been here. I have lived here from 1983-2000 as well,
and can't remember seeing one from all those years, (but only became
aware of the issue in 2005). Maybe my observation correlates
with something else you know?
I would send photos for the sake of the skeptics, but I've never
been good at sending them and I'm only on the net via this phone.
Also, sceptics are always going to sceptical!

For a few years, we lived in northeast Victoria, smack
between the two flight corridors, Melbourne-Sydney and
The main thing we noted was a correlation between chemtrails
and an anomolous dearth [lack] of rainfall.
It's my opinion, that the 12-year-long drought was designed to force
small farmers off their land.
The new water allocation laws care of Australian PM, John Howard,
the hero of the Telstra sell-off and the Port Arthur Massacre, also
contribute to the transfer of land to the corporate farms, in my
Chemtrails in Tasmania tend to be turned on and off, in short
bursts and in different places, no other discernable pattern.
A few years ago there were a couple of websites praising the
chemtrail pilots as heros for saving the planet from global warming.
These seem to have been part of a scheme to justify weather control,
but have become redundant, because people didn't care anyway, as
there was not enough warming to be a problem. I think one of the
main purposes of the global warming scare is to justify weather
control, which is already in full swing.
It all shows what a bunch of shitheads our beloved leaders are.
They are damning their own children, as well as ours.

Steve Clougher,

[link to chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com]
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