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Yep very much soo, Whakatane being very flat we are almost right at sea level and about 2.6km from the sea.
 Quoting: Whakatane

I remember the feeling well of wondering whether to stay or go...we lived about 150m from the beach at Papamoa. Have since moved but had a couple of scares while we lived there.

There are 331 felt reports for the Quake you felt so pretty strong to wake up so many.
 Quoting: taniatarn

hiya tarn

i spent the afternoon and evening at the mount/ tauranga and i must say i was thinking about tsunamis while sitting on the beach this arvo..

did you see the 4 quakes off taranaki, 3 at almost the same spot, and another nearby?

did you feel many quakes while you lived in tauranga?
 Quoting: Tauranga

The thought of a tsunami when we lived at the beach scared the beejesus out of me to be honest! It was one of the reasons I really wanted to move.

There seems to be almost a domino effect happening lately..almost like the earth is playing pass the parcel with swarms here and there.....That one off Gisborne is still ongoing and quite close to land....bit worrying tsunami wise too..

I remember one quite strong earthquake...We eventually stayed at home after doing a little research but were getting ready to run for the hills.

ANd then the tsunami warning from the Chile quake was a bit of a worry for awhile too...We had two tsunami warnings while we lived there but both came to nothing.
 Quoting: taniatarn

i remember the warning about 3 years ago

we were living at athenree at the time, and a helicopter was broadcasting telling everyone to leave athenree

we lived part way up a on a bit of a hill, so i chose to stay home, and run higher up the hill if need be, but i think the wave was only cen timetres high when it got here...was that the chile quake?
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