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Yes, I'm amazed that they can say the various volcanoes are not connected. It must come from a reductionist point of view. The idea of breaking things down to their smallest components to get an understanding of the whole. Dumb.

I've been watching all the activity in NZ and it seems the whole place is waking up. The Christchurch quakes were the beginning, but the whole plate boundary area from top to bottom is squirming. Of course this is happening right around the Pacific and other places.

They're even wondering whether there might be some broader relationship between quakes and volcanoes. Talk about not putting two and two together.

It's also clear from them saying they didn't get any signs before this eruption and it's unusual, blah, blah, that they haven't really got a clue about it. About as useful as tits on a bullfrog.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28089232

the idiots should read this thread, shouldnt they, lols

(instead they hate what i do here)

but seriously, you are correct in all you are saying, AC

M said days ago they should close the area, and she was right again

are the "experts" perhaps panicking and have no clue what to do atm?

btw i can see the ash on the coastal horizon, but cannot smell it yet

did you see the rotorua graphs i posted? likely a connection there too

local rotorua maori people who understand the big picture, and always have, say that the rotorua area is showing signs also, they said it months ago...
 Quoting: Tauranga

Yeah thanks, T. I'm not too familiar with the graphs, but I've had a look. The Maori are more likely to have the pulse of the place than the 'experts'.

Also, I guess the 'experts' have to be careful because of the tourist trade and so on. None of them want to be accused of being alarmist if nothing much comes of it.

It's really up to people themselves to take notice since it might save their lives if they're just a bit prepared. The ones (majority) who wait for the authorities to tell them what to do might be left twisting in the wind.

I've got a bad feeling it's only beginning. Best of luck and good management to all there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28089232

thank you friend xx

yes it is just beginning

the trouble is that people trust the 'experts' to warn them, same old story, i guess...
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