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New brief eruption from Tongariro volcano, New Zealand

[link to www.volcanodiscovery.com]

A brief eruption occurred at Te Maari Craters, Tongariro at approximately 13:25 pm local time today (Wednesday, 21 November 2012).
The eruption occurred from the Upper Te Maari crater, in the same area that erupted on 6 August this year. Today’s eruption lasted for less than 5 minutes although local earthquake activity continued for about 15 minutes. The eruption appears to have ceased for now, GeoNet writes.
GNS Science staff Nico Fournier, Agnes Mazot and Craig Miller witnessed the eruption from a few kilometres away. “We didn’t hear anything but could suddenly see an ominous dark grey cloud of ash drifting towards us” said Dr Fournier. The eruption was also seen by trampers walking on the Tongariro Crossing. There are no reports of injury.

Ash erupted during the first few minutes reached 3 km to 4 km height and was clearly seen from Taupo. A light dusting of ash fell across part of State Highway 46 and north-east towards Turangi but no more ash has been reported this afternoon as the gas and steam cloud drifts towards the south east. Ash is being collected this afternoon and will be analysed at Massey University to assess potential human and animal health effects. Results are expected in the next few days. (GeoNet)
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Volcanic Alert Bulletin TON-2012/28 - Tongariro Volcano (GeoNet)
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Tongariro volcano (New Zealand): field report from 5 Nov and measurements - elevated degassing
Thursday, Nov 15, 2012
On 5 November, GeoNet reported that several teams of scientists had been visiting Tongariro's Te Mari Craters to service portable seismometers (complementing four permanent installations), sample gas vents, and collect samples of ejecta. ... [more]
Tongariro volcano (North Island, New Zealand) activity update

Saturday, Nov 10, 2012
Compared to most previous weeks and months, seismic activity at the volcano has been calm the past days. [more]
Tongariro volcano (North Island, New Zealand) activity update

Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012
The volcano continues to show increased degassing mainly from the Te Maari eruption site. The hottest temperature measured from gas vents in this area was 235 °C, while others range from 95 °C to 104 °C (GeoNet). Seismic activity overall has remained low with only few earthquakes. GeoNet maintains alert level 1 and aviation color code yellow. [more]
Tongariro volcano (New Zealand): false reports of ash venting
Sunday, Sep 23, 2012
GeoNet reported on 20 Sep, that "No further volcanic activity has occurred from the reactivated Upper Te Maari craters on Tongariro. Scientific teams have been busy collecting and analysing data to understand the current unrest. ... [more]
Tongariro volcano (New Zealand) - Scientists think Tongariro will stay calm is most likely scenario
Monday, Aug 13, 2012

Tongariro volcano
complex volcano 1978 m / 6,490 ft
North Island, New Zealand, -39.12°S / 175.65°E
Tongariro volcano eruptions:
Eruptions outside Ngauruhoe, mainly on SSE flank (Red Crater): 6 Aug 2012, 1927 (?), 1926, 1896, 1890 (?), 1886, 1885±1, 1869, 1859, 1855, 1500 ± 50, 550 BC ± 200 years, 9350 BC (?), 9450 BC (?), 9650 BC (?), 9850 BC (?)
Eruptions from Ngauruhoe vent: 1975-77, 1972, 1968-69, 1962, 1958-59, 1956, 1948-54, 1939-40, 1937, 1934, 1931, 1924-28, 1917, 1913-14, 1909-10, 1904-07, 1897-98, 1892, 1883, 1881, 1878, 1875, 1869-70, 1862-64, 1857, 1844, 1841, 1839, 550 BC ± 200
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