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[link to www.lookout.org.nz]

Word from the late Peter Bolstad
Soon there will be rumblings in the Central North Island such as has never been before.
These rumblings will be in the air and in the ground. Both spiritual and physical upheavals
in this part of the world are coming!
The rumblings will be volcanoes erupting. All three Central Plateau mountains—Ngauruhoe,
Tongariro, Ruapehu will come alive. Lake Taupo is a crater lake and this too will erupt.
mountains will roar and thunder as has never been heard before. Not only will New Zealand
be affected but also Australia and other Pacific regions.

The earthquakes that are coming will have effect from the North Cape to the bottom of
Stewart Island. They will be big and continue over several days with smaller ones continuing
over several weeks. There will be major disruptions to power supplies, and phones and
many roads will be destroyed. The fault lines from White Island through the Central Plateau,
down through Hawkes Bay, down through Wellington and on through the South Island past
Stewart Island will shift. Some land will move sideways, some land will rise up and some
land will open up. Many buildings will be destroyed and lives will be lost.

The events will be very big by world standards. There will be a lake at Rissington (Hawkes
Bay), and further south more lakes. Lake Poukawa will again be as it was over two hundred
years ago and State Highway 2 will, in places, be under water.
The Hawkes Bay Region will be isolated for some months after these events as all roads,
power, phones, ports and airfields will be unusable. Many areas will be isolated and houses
destroyed and a lot more will be unfit to live in. White Island and the Tongariro National
Park volcanoes will send out much ash,
which will cover large areas of forests and farmland
causing trees, animals and grass to die.

The land around the Napier-Clive-Hastings area will be lifted up—some areas by many
metres. There will be numerous slips in the hills and many roads will fall away over most of
New Zealand.
'Mountains will rise up, Mountains will fall down.
The sea will come in, And the sea will go out.
And you will see it all.'

The sea area surrounded by a line from Cape Kidnappers to the most eastern tip of Mahia
Peninsular and the present coastline will become dry land. This land will rise substantially

'There will be land where there is no land.
There will be sea where there is no sea.'

The earthquakes and changes to the landscape will be tremendous and New Zealand's
economy totally disrupted. The sea will sweep in and out over all the flat land of the east
coast. Land around Napier will sink and then rise up, blocking rivers and sending water
south to the Wairarapa lakes—lakes reborn and new ones formed. Volcanoes will come to
life violently at the same time and ash will cause much loss of life. Many fault lines will shift.
Animals and birds will try to leave just before all this starts.
'Where there is no water there will be water
Where there is water there will be no water
Rivers will be blocked and lakes formed.'
There will be tsunamis from earthquakes and massive shifts of the seabed out to the
southeast of Hawkes Bay toward the Chatham Islands. This will destroy much habitation
and many lives will be lost. The earthquakes above sea level are going to be very severe
over most of New Zealand—from North Cape to Stewart Island. Food and necessities will
become very scarce and people will fight, kill and destroy in order to survive.

The Chatham Islands will rise up out of the sea to a considerable height and be substantially
larger than its present size. This event will create a tsunami that will devastate most of the
flat coastal land of the east coast of both North and South Islands. New Zealand's shape will
be altered to such an extent that it will be unrecognizable. Much of the North Island will see
big lakes formed, mountain ranges shifted, rivers diverted and some blocked. Much of the
east coast will rise up; in some cases to significant levels. The great lakes formed will make
travel by boat a necessity.
Those left alive will find it hard to exist without power and transport.

The time is coming when Jesus Christ Himself will tell His people plainly when this to
happen. His people will be alerted to shift away from areas of danger before this time of
upheaval starts and animals and birds will try to leave the danger areas.
These events will come. They may come over time or many may come suddenly. They may
happen very soon or be a few years away—we may not know the hour but we do know the
time is short. Therefore remember the words God spoke to Solomon when the temple was
'When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the
locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among my people, if my
people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and
seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from
heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.'

Remember a warning has been given. It is near. The Lord will bring it
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