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Sinfull MUSLIMS ! Allahs words !

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13843924
05/05/2012 05:50 PM
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Sinfull MUSLIMS ! Allahs words !
POLL: Are muslims going to paradise
 YES, they are
 NO, there is no place for muslims
 Some go, some don't
 There is NO paradise, only evolution
 There IS paradise, if you deserve it
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"The schism, instability, the malfunctioning of security and the breakdown of unity that Islamic countries are facing these days is a result of the sins of the public and their transgressions," Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh was quoted as saying by al-Watan newspaper.

"The abuse of women, the sexually abuse of children, the abuse of alcool, the lack of proper thoughts lead to instability in the mind of good muslims"

"The fact to abuse the prayer with earthly aims and goals led to chaos, distraction and destruction".

"We should not fear, we need to stay karem"