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Message Subject US Air Force Investigator: Obama is Suspect - He's Hiding Something
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Barack Obama" has a real birth certificate, and he is, in fact, a natural born citizen by any definition.

The problem is that the name on the BC is 'Bari Malik Shabazz', born October 28, 1959, in NYC. He is the bastard son of Malcom X and Jo Ann Newman.

People still trying to figure out if he was born in Kenya or Hawaii are chasing a red herring. The USAF investigator is probably (sadly) among them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15527913

This is just a rumor some lady came up with ... it made some sense, but has absolutely 0 proof.

It is no more true than the possibility that Obama's Mother is really Cleopatra's Sister, Aristone. O's family was recruited by the Billonaire family, the Rockefellers. Aristone's body, the skull was stolen in 1929, it(disappeared). The Rockefeller's control a large faction of the C-I-A through their agent and high ranking officer, Theodore Brezenski.

So was Obama a crude C-I-A experiment to create the "perfect" politician, as Nelson Rockefeller was to be the Father, and Aristole the Mother? Ann Dunham was "gestated" with the engineered Zygote as Nelson spent a lot of time in In Indonesia (where he dissappeared) and O's Mother worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia.

Yet, another theory abound. It is ironic Obama was bragging about looking like an acient Pharoa, and he does seem to put a lot of stock in Egypt. Again, no proof though, that could just be Obama's clinical Narcissism talking.
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