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Message Subject US Air Force Investigator: Obama is Suspect - He's Hiding Something
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Michael C. Rockefeller's staged disappearance provided the cover story for an even-greater opportunity. All the signposts are there, including the discovery, in 1952, that scientists could remove the nucleus of a frog cell and replace it with the nucleus of an embryonic frog cell. Result—a full-grown tadpole. What if the Rockefellers, through their financially-backed research foundations, could take the seed of one belonging to their own bloodline and infuse it into an egg, along with the DNA of a well-known historical figure? Not just anyone, you see, but someone with royal blood—someone who was loved by the people of her time, powerful, irresistible, mystical, and respected throughout history. Now, who might fit that description?

On the basis of appearance, it would be a person of color, not necessarily black, but a (genetically) non-white individual. One characteristic this person might transmute through DNA infusion would be a particular feature indigenous to only a few races, for example, purple lips—those from Southeast Asia—and Egypt. Judging from the Illuminists' preoccupation with things Egyptian, such as the pyramids of Egypt (the backside of a dollar bill), Isis (the goddess of fertility and mother of Horus), and Horus , (the protector of the monarchy, the "all-seeing eye" of the New Age, or New World Order), the DNA would have come from an ancient Egyptian pharaoh (also symbolized at Montaulk, Long Island, NY, the location on MK-Ultra mind-control/time-travel experiments).

In 1926, archeologists discovered an octagonally-shaped sarcophagus which contained a skeleton. The skeleton's head was removed (why?) and went missing during WWII. The sarcophagus was revisited in the early 1990's, and DNA research, conducted in 1990, by Austrian anthropologist Fabian Kanz, suggested that the skeleton belonged to Arsinoe, Cleopatra's younger sister. Cleopatra was the former Egyptian queen who followed Ptolemy, the general that Alexander the Great appointed pharaoh.
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The deadly head wound,,,who lived again?
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