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Message Subject US Air Force Investigator: Obama is Suspect - He's Hiding Something
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The next chapter of the saga had Stanley Ann accompanying her parents to Honolulu, where Stanley found a "better job in another furniture store" Madelyn became one of two female vice-presidents at the Bank of Hawaii, and her daughter "enrolled in the University of Hawaii, Manoa." The problem with the Hawaiian ruse was her simultaneous enrollment in the University of Washington. Transcripts prove she attended school in Washington, so she did not make the trip to Hawaii as advertised. The controlled media has continued to play a conspiratorial role in this dimension of the coverup as well.Since she did not attend the University of Hawaii, she did not meet, fall in love with, or marry Barack Obama, Sr. there. Obama did not attend the school, either. His non-presence there is evidenced by one single photograph into which his (or someone else's) image was compiled. The story, by this time, has reached the pinnacle of corruption and deceit. Stanley Ann did not meet Barack, Sr. in a Russian-language class. A graduate student and a freshman enrolled in the same class? Highly unlikely. And how would a Kenyan goatherder's son benefit by speaking Russian upon his return to Kenya? Nyet! or better, still  na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!! This was just another preposterous yarn intended to misdirect the sheeple
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