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Message Subject US Air Force Investigator: Obama is Suspect - He's Hiding Something
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What you do not understand is that they are the real power. How do you think that the CIA came into being? It was once called the OSS. Ever heard of Operation Paperclip? Ever heard of Golden Dawn? Once upon a time the majority of US intel agents were ex SS. Oh no can't be. They would have taught us that in school if it were true. There are no conspiracies.

Americans are foolish. Do you really believe that there is any detail about Obama that is not known by the CIA? He is most likely a fabrication of the CIA. They know every detail and do nothing. Don't you wonder why? You the sheeple are the only ones who did not get the memo. All is an illusion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15461761

The CIA would use any information they have to blackmail the president. I know armed forces can be dishonorably discharged for making negative comments about the president, as it's happened recently. It might be true that the CIA agents would suffer a similar fate. I'm fairly new to the conspiracy theater, but I read quite a bit about Obama and I'm convinced that he is not American. I don't like him first because he's black, but laying that aside, I still don't like him.
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