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Message Subject US Air Force Investigator: Obama is Suspect - He's Hiding Something
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Half the SS that remained after WWII were transferred to the US thru Paperclip, funded in large part by the Rockefellers (or some seemingly credible research indicates). The other half went to Russia.

Some researchers have identified a distrubing pattern between how Hitler came to power and the actions Obama are taking. The first thing both did was get control of the health-care. Obamacare was passed on the same day. Next, was to get a civilian army or Gestapo (TSA?).

The same families that funded Hitler's war machine (Rockefellers, Bushes etc.) are the same ones strongly connected to O and his family.

O, in 2008, spoke at the same location Hitler did and talked about a world order, as Hitler did the same. Are they trying to turn the US into Germany again to realize that quest of a global order? Many Americans died fighting Germany during WWII.
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