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Message Subject I am a member of an elite family of insiders whom you despise.
Poster Handle Being Mindful
Post Content
I would like to point that many ARE NOT terrorists here in the states they are conditioning us to think if we speak its like a BIG NO NO!! I know as WE THE PEOPLE!! are not the instigator of seperatism, like conquer and divide.

I believe that our vote never counts.
They don't care about any of us!!

I can admit our admistration has done a terrible job making everyone mad at us, and it makes me want to apologize to the World that it is not us "the people that are doing it"

I do believe that Obama is being used to create a conquer and divide which is terrorism on there own country,
WE ARE NOT THE TERRORIST's THEY ARE. I have never harmed a Soul by myself. I don't even have the heart to kill a spider anymore.
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