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Message Subject I am a member of an elite family of insiders whom you despise.
Poster Handle Being Mindful
Post Content

It takes brains not muscle.....be good, we don't want this to turn this way.
 Quoting: Being Mindful

You're Talking stupid. Where have you been all your life?...asleep under a rock? After all the dirty rotten and satanic shit him and his 'ilk" have done to the world and CONTINUE to do...you say something stupid like the above. These people have NO CONSCIENCE and they will not give up their wealth and imagined power...no matter "how well" you kiss their ass! Wake-up! These people have been bullying other for so long(thousands of years) it will take a major ass-whooping to make them "See The Light" and realise they are NO better than anyone else. They've had it too good for way too long and they have no fear cuz they've never had "their asses handed to them" to learn respect for others. A bully never learns to stop bullying others without having to be put in their place.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7990358

I understand you fully, but you might piss him off where he won't answer my questions, that is all. Sorry if I offended you. You don't know me otherwise my comment would have plainly shown that I meant no disrespect. Peace hf
 Quoting: Being Mindful

The true Gems are out in the open. It is your duty towards yourself and the one to find it. With temperance, you will be able to do this. Temperance is, the conscious form of restraint, based in self knowing, and this achieves inner order of the soul. This does lead to a sober life, yet simple, and filled with gifts, because you fully become your own master, instead of emotions dictating to you how you act. This does not mean cutting yourself off from emotion, as that will harm you, so you should be ware. I channel my emotions, together with all other passions, to a place where they can be used for something substantial. It is done. The real christ, who I am not, only appeared once, just once, and did his duty fully and successfully. It was all revealed, who you are, what you are, where you came from, and it was in a different realm then this. Notice how i worded that. This is for you, thank you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14466126

That is very kind of you. I litterally felt those words.

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