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Message Subject Squirrel tested postive for plague in CA
Poster Handle TheShift+/-
Post Content
I love how no matter what happens of late... death, destruction, disease, extreme weather, war, corruption, insanity, strange solar events, etc...

The majority just says... this is "NORMAL", happens all the time. No big deal.

Meanwhile, a few awakened people, point out that it's unheard of in their lifetime, or area...that they've never seen anything like it, that things just don't seem right...

That they do not want to LIVE in a world where this is the NORM... and all the zombie/sheeple just accept this as part of their daily lives and act like nothing is wrong or going on... which is exactly what the ruling elite want and encourage.

This is normal. Nothing unusual here. Go back to work. Pay your taxes. Eat some poison...err, I mean food and be a productive citizen serving your evil overlords by being a replacable cog in the machine.

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