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WWIII not till 2020

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15641852
United States
05/06/2012 07:53 PM
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WWIII not till 2020
that's the spiel by chinese funded alternative media people now.

India put out few years ago about Chinese secret shipyards building blue water fleet and super catamaran aircraft carriers. meaning they now have them.


Hypothesis: assuming that Laredo, Texas would be the entrance used by invading forces from the south, and assuming that my guess that the northern base camp is near Lethbridge, it is plausible to conceive a line drawn on a map from Laredo to Lethbridge for the purpose of determining not only if the hypothesis is right, but how easily an invasion from the south and the north could be achieved. Aspects to consider would be weather, topography, population centers, resource centers, natural resource supply and the defense of the line of battle, whether talking one or two fronts.

Interestingly enough, if you draw a line from Laredo, Texas to Lethbridge, Alberta, you intersect the only major MSA-1 city in the Central Time zone in the USA: Denver, Colorado, which is almost dead center between Laredo and Lethbridge.

Interestingly enough, the weather along this line is typically very stable, even though it is leeward of the Rocky Mountains, and the weather is stable or rather predictable throughout each season of the year, winter, spring, summer and fall.

Interestingly enough, the topography of this imaginary "line of battle" is excellent not only in terms of terrain, covering terrain and defense, but also there exists today the Eisenhower Interstate Road System, and the there is extensive infrastructure and interstate road system leading up and down this "line of battle" as well as supporting state and local road routes. Further, the number of bridges along this route or "line of battle" are small, and the bridges, themselves are physically small, meaning that they could be maintained or repaired easily, or new construction could take place quickly to support heavier loads.

Interestingly enough, the population center along this "line of battle" are small. The population density is small also, in comparison to other parts of the USA. And, the only MSA-1 city in this "zone" is Denver, Colorado. Why is this so important? Evidence suggests that major underground construction of bunkers are taking place in around the Denver Airport, much of which is not observable by the general public. Further, many of the "elitists" have purchased vast estates and properties in and around this area, as well as along the "line of battle." Further, additional land that is currently vacant in this areas could be easily and quickly developed into, lets say, military bases, or concentration camps.

Interestingly enough, resource centers as well as natural resources in this area are quite abundant, and although not heavily used at the moment, could be tapped very easily and very quickly. Further, in terms of food supplies, east of the zone, occupiers of the "line of battle" face the bread basket of America: the vast mid-west plains, of which many of the agricultural facilities are controlled by neo-con friendly corporations.

Interestingly enough, from a land and air perspective, this "line of battle" is easily defended. The land here resembles to a larger degree the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. Albeit, not Afghanistan in totality, the plains leading up to the Rocky Mountains as well as the Mountains themselves are quite sufficient to deter an aggressor from the West or the East using conventional weaponry.

By the way, this "line of battle" also runs straight through Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which one could consider as being an MSA-1 city, comparable to Denver, Colorado. BTW: almost 35% of the city of Calgary's population is Chinese or of Asian descent.

But now, let me give you another thought: one which is even "crazier" than the one I've just shared.

Get a map of the USA, Mexico and Canada, preferably a large, UniversalMAP Company book, and go to the second to last page where it shows the USA and parts of Mexico and Canada, also shows the time and the distance along interstate routes from each MSA-1 or MSA-2 city.

FIRST: draw a line from
Laredo to San Antonio, then from
San Antonio to Midland, TX, then from
Midland to Amarillo, TX, then from
Amarillo to Pueblo, CO, then from
Pueblo to Denver, then from
Denver to Cheyenne, WY, then from
Cheyenne to Sheridan, WY, then from
Sheridan to Billings, MT, then from
Billings to Helena, MT, then from
Helena to Calgary, Alberta.

SECOND: draw a line from
San Antonio to Dallas, TX, then from
Dallas to Springfield, MO, then from
Springfield, to St. Louis, MO, then from
St. Louis to Chicago, IL, then from
Chicago to Milwaukee, WI, then from
Milwaukee to Sault St. Marie, Canada

THIRD: draw a line from
Calgary, Alberta to Regina, Saskatchewan, then from
Regina to Winnipeg, Manitoba, then from
Winnipeg to Kenora, Ontario, then from
Kenora to Thunder Bay, then from
Thunder Bay to Sault St. Marie

Do you see the area inside this upside down triangle? What can you tell me about this area? Well, I know a couple of things that I would like to share with you.

First, the "FIRST" line is the "line of battle" I spoke of previously.
Second, the "SECOND" line is the proposed route of the NAU super highway between Mexico, through the USA and then on to Canada (may not be exact, but it is very, very close).
Third, the Canadian Route 1 from Calgary to Sault St. Marie has along it various Canadian military installations, which are also used by British Armored, Air and Ground forces for training.
Fourth, the upside down triangle covers the area of land where most of our natural gas and oil reserves reside in the lower 48 continental USA, as well as the agricultural center of our country.

What am I trying to say? I believe this "triangle" is the collateral that we just gave the Chinese to cover our national indebtedness to the Chinese. Or, in other words, when the USA defaults, we default this land and its resources, including its people to the Chinese, lock, stock and barrel.

What about the land west of the Rockies? Quite possibly, returned to Mexico with conditions. And, why not? Most of the land west of the Rockies were held by the Mexicans hundreds of years ago. One of La Raza's aims is to retake this land for "their race."

What about the land east of the Mississippi? Quite possibly, retained as the new "United States." Notice, not the "United States of America" but the "United States.

What about the North American Union? Comprised of Mexico (including La Raza land), the United States (east of the Mississippi) and Canada.

What about the "Triangle?" Perhaps home to the World Community: perhaps the new center of the world, where the United Nations will set up shop with the CFR and the TLC. Capital? Denver, Colorado.

And, the Capital of the NAU: Atlanta, Georgia, because the capital of the US will remain in Washington D.C.

But enough speculation about national boundaries. What I want to emphasize is that if Chinese troops are in Mexico and Canada at this time, and if Saudi Arabian Air Force pilots are going to be stationed in Idaho permanently as the DOD as indicated (Aljazeera Report from March 19, 2011), then basically, the pieces of the chess board are being put into to place as we speak.

And the wealth of the USA...the wealth of the plain states where we know our energy, agricultural and mineral wealth is located but untapped, will become the property of the Chinese and NAU.

If we find that, in fact there are foreign troops in Mexico and Canada, and that they are very close to the USA border, for me, it doesn't matter if they are Chinese or not. Something has to be done. I don't know if that means formally organizing the US Militia and the State Militia's, but right now, if any foreign force wanted to just waltz into the USA from Lethbridge and Laredo, we would not be able to stop them, because the Soetoro Administration would order a stand down, and the NorthCom would be ordered to put down any civil unrest.

In conclusion, I'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback regarding what I have put forth. Perhaps it is nothing new to you. Perhaps it is. In any event, shouldn't like minds come together now, before it is too late? Shouldn't we convene a Continental Congress ASAP?

I am respectfully yours,

Roman de Caesar
[link to 02f8ec3.netsolhost.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14793316
United States
05/06/2012 08:12 PM
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Re: WWIII not till 2020
im to lazy to read your post but that ohn hoage guy said that the nostradamus predictions of ww3 either take place this year or 7 years from now.....but it really looks like this year with humanity awakening and demanding accountability ......ww3 will really bring the NWO into fruition....genetically modified fruition is more like it
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15507198
United States
05/06/2012 08:16 PM
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Re: WWIII not till 2020
Yeah i'm definitely thinkin it will be this year
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10242623
United States
05/06/2012 08:26 PM
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Re: WWIII not till 2020
this is a military schematic