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Message Subject Balcones Fault Line in Texas
Poster Handle Topaz
Post Content
And guess what .... there's actually an extinct VOLCANO on the outskirts of Austin, Texas; called PILOT KNOB !

Most people don't know that the field of extinct volcanoes across New Mexico (the "Volcano" State = the only place in the world with every type of volcano known) also extended a bit southwest into Texas & down towards Mexico across the far western regions into Central Plains ... the ones that are easy to see are these -- info is per Wiki:

5 of the better known extinct volcanoes in Texas
1. Pilot knob - Austin Texas
2. Paisano Volcano (Fort Davis)
3. Burro Mesa (Big Bend national Park)
4. Sierra Quemada (Big Bend national Park)
5. Buckhorn Caldera (Fort Davis)

There are actually more than 70 volcanoes identified in Texas so far & have read studies that there are also some clusters that are underwater along the coastal areas south of Houston (somewhere saw threads likely here or ??/ that these volcanoes along Gulf Coast area may have played a role in the BP oil disaster in some way (?).... dont' recall exact info now).

See Wiki for more on the Texas + Volcanoes here:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

OP is right to post this thread as people better start thinking about all sorts of things that could really go haywire in their area , like without any prior notice, as lots of weird stuff is going on bigtime !! We in Texas are definitely seeing earthchanges activity all over the place and that is in addition to all the terrible effects from the bad drought past 18 months now improving in some areas but not all however.

And yes, also feel huge sadness that the horrific & idiotic Shale FRACKING industry is going to ultimately finish us ALL off = people + animals of earth ... that, along with the BP disaster, the terrifying situation still ongoing @ Fukushima, etc etc = long list ---> TEOTWAWKI ??? )

One of the best, but also a dangerous place, to actually experience going way down into that crack = the Balcones Fault line, near Austin, is to take the tour down into the "WONDER CAVE" at San Marcos. Note: you have to climb down through a crack into the crack and it is not easy task so only really fit people should this! And please, please do NOT take babies or any smaller children or actually anyone that is infirm (can't walk very well or gets dizzy easy, weak, etc) as there are big, deep cracks going way down into the earth all along the narrow pathway ... just one wrong step or stumble & the person will fall down into the crevice!!! Not kidding here - we had a close call in our group while in there on guided tour ... very scary when a boy about age of 10 almost fell off into one of the cracks and somebody caught him in nick of time! I will never ever go down in there again as had no idea of what we were getting into as other tours elsewhere had been more like real big caverns with nice walkways fenced off and pretty lights, etc... but this was way different -- the group was actually taken down a steep tunnel access then each one had to go through a narrow crack very far down in the earth itself and lower the body down to the bottom ... it was so freaky it's hard to describe.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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